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We support orphans and destitute children in Africa. Our vision is to build Children's Villages through-out sub-saharan Africa which will be completely sef-sufficient and completely energy efficient and " green" once they are built. Currently CCI ( chosen children international) has 17 acres of land in Western Kenya where we are building our first Children's Village. Each village we build will consist of an elementary school, a high school, a technical school ( so every child who graduates from our villages will have a trade in addition to an academic education) a health center, a church, a guest house, and 12 family style homes which will house 12 orphans and 2 house parents or widows. In addition the Villages will grow crops and raise animals. We will eat off the land and we will sell some as income producing. We have a plan to have several businesses attached to the villages so each will be self sufficient. Currently we are raising money for all the buildings for our first village. We need approximately $700,000 to build one village. Wont you help us now?