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Bruno Stoll's Fundraiser:

Help "Launch" a Chow Wow Animal Crowd Funding Platform

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EVENT DATE: Jul 28, 2013

Bruno Stoll


The Worlds Chow Wow Crowd Funding Platform provides much needed capital for projects and initiatives, start-ups and small businesses.

Our Fundraising Cause: To complete crowd funding platform development that enables animal welfare organizations to receive more money.

A New Crowd Funding Platform, that sponsors food for animals in shelters, spay/neuter, emergency veterinary care, prosthetic devices with every campaign funded.

It's certainly one of the biggest wins, not just for all the animals in need, but for the whole county,"

Let's Build It! - A Chow Wow Crowd Funding Platform, That Sponsors Fundraising for Animal Shelters."

Short Summary
Similarly to crowdsourcing, the concept from which it developed, crowdfunding's success relies upon the ability to canvass a sufficiently large group of potential contributors. The idea is the same as that behind many fundraising campaigns: convincing enough people to contribute to
reach a target figure.

Crowdfunding sites are sometimes referred to as platforms because they provide a venue for all aspects of a campaign, such as creation of the public interface, campaign and project tracking, a payment mechanism and disbursement of funds.

THE: Chow Wow Crowd: Campaign Cause!

Chow Wow Crowd Funding Campaign, Seeks development funding for a new crowdfunding platform that allows anyone to set up a Campaign for free. A standard fee is charged on money raised. The Chow Wow Crowd Net Proceeds sponsors and funds free food for animals in shelters, plus medical needs, with every successful campaign! Available only in the USA at this time.

The Chow Wow Crowdfunding Platform and Your Contributions towards helping us create a life saving crowdfunding program, that provides meals and medical services to millions of animals nationwide.

Chow Wow Crowd: Seeks 10% funding / $3-mil

$300.000, Needed to complete development of the Crowd Funding Platform - $30k, Purchase much needed equipment - servers at a cost of $100k, Expand your operations - Admin Relocation - close to Amazon Facility Tracy California - $100k. Thousands of dollars in advertising will run on television, radio, print and social media to promote, Pre-Launch, Official Launch Platform and more-$

Help! Make This Chow Wow Crowd: 2014 Mission Statement

The Chow Wow Crowd, recognizes that the smaller, less-visible groups represent a substantial portion of a community’s animal rescue resources.

Our goals are , to increase greater access to food supplies, medical funding and help raise their standards of care.

Every American city has a hard working community of rescue groups and foster families dedicated to caring for abused or abandoned animals.

The Chow Wow Crowd, policies, and crowdfunding platform, are designed to support animal rescue shelters, medical and rehabilitation, groups by providing through our sponsorships donations that
o Make them more self-reliant, and Improve their standards of care.
o Improving our animal advocate groups’ abilities to deliver additional services and secure needed resources.
o Sponsor for spay/neuter, emergency veterinary care and prosthetic devices.
o Maintain current information on all rescue groups and fosters.
o Promptly provide rescue groups access to supplies to millions of animals nationwide. USA only at this time.
o Qualify rescue groups and fosters for distributions from sponsored donations, based on their meeting reasonable and increasing
o standards of care.
o Maintain a transparent Cow Wow Crowd with respect to its finances and management actions.

The CHOW WOW CROWD: Self Sustainable Crowdfunding Platform.

"It's certainly one of the biggest wins, not just for all the animals in need, but for the whole county,"

A word from CEO/Founder: Bruno Stoll

WOW Here’s my story.
At age 59 now its been a few years that I witnessed more and more animals are getting displaced by, poverty ownership and starvation, natural disasters, death of owner, abused and abandoned, year after year. Then “WoW” a light bulb just lit up, I decided do something good and leave my mark in the world with a self sustainable animal crowd funding platform, that sponsors food for animals in shelters, spay-neuter, emergency veterinary care, prosthetic devices with every campaign funded.

Help make a difference and leave your mark in the world as a funding sponsor for our cause.

There are MANY things you can do to help.

Here are a few ideas: -Share our Chow Wow Crowd Funding Campaign: -Share with your Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and E-mail Friends that are animal advocates, owners, animal lovers, that might be interested.



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Bruno is working on selecting a charity so you can support Help "Launch" a Chow Wow Animal Crowd Funding Platform.