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Chris Albaugh

Chris Albaugh
Walton, KY United States
Stuff About Me:

I am not better than anyone and so this is not intended to brag, boast, or anything of that nature, but to give you an understanding of my past, and who I am as a person. The only truth I will ever know is mine and it's not my job to judge others as I don't like to be judged by my past limitations either. But I want to be believed in for what I am in each moment striving to be the best version of my own character as that is the only thing I have total control over is my being. How I grow from my awareness of my lack is my personal journey and how I aid other in their journey is how I am of service to the world. What I have done or learned over the years isn't what has made me successful or kept me from temporary defeat. It has been how I've learned, persevered, continued to grow, and used this to improve the results in my life, and in others.

I am a student & a teacher of life and proudly observe history, nature, and others. To gain wisdom on life from the perspective of others as I only have one lifetime to live.

My main focus is to continue to aid individuals & families have the life that they desire. This as a result, has created the life that I desire in every aspect of life not just for myself, but also my family & for this I am truly grateful.
My path has lead me to gain experiences from many different industries and professions. This has given me a great understanding & clarity of how the interdependence between life both personally and professionally have the same commonalities. What separates them are just different perspectives & labels. I as everyone in life have had many ups & downs. I have learned over the past 15 years the fundamental principles of success in all areas of life. Studying from the greatest teachers, mentors, business leaders, relationship experts, and life itself. I have created a network of experts in their respective fields to help my clients with additional benefits.

I have developed my own life filled with passion and bliss. Every day I work towards living my greatest potential. It is a honor to have the opportunity to do what I get to do each day, and that's help people deliver the results in their life that they want. I promise you I will be able to help you have the lifestyle you are currently just wishing for, but takes a plan, time and effort. If your willing to work for yourself. I will do everything in my power to assist you in getting what you want out of life.

I founded the Alliance Institute of Development in 2014 with my wife Jessica. After a devastating business failure left me broken financially, socially, and spiritually. I felt like I was on the right path for me and was doing everything right in my perspective. But I still was experiencing life's many lessons and wasn't content living the life that I was living. I have had financial successes, spiritual successes, relationship successes, but still felt like I was still missing something. Even through all my successes professionally and personally. I still created situations for my own self destructed in many different ways along the way. Including a suicide attempts, drug/alcohol/tobacco addictions, relationship mistakes, and allowing others to just plain take advantage of me. To keep the list short. I was to a point in my life where I knew what it took to be successful both mind, body, & spirit, but I felt very low and was in a stage I would call a mental victim always asking "why me?" I saw many of the people I had helped over the years, and they were achieving high results and living the life that they wanted."Why couldn't I?" "I helped them why can't I get any?" Finally I got to the point where I said to myself "Chris the only thing you can control is your thoughts and your actions." So, I took a personal awareness journey incorporating what I have learned from studying the best of personal improvement experts, psychologist, natural laws experts, skill set trainers, nutritionists, personal trainers, spiritual gurus, and successful people. I then took full responsibility for where I was in life, for all the missteps that I had taken, and for all the successes I have had. Since then I have learned about more about me than I have my entire life. I discovered how my core values, my true desires, and the commonalities to all the careers I had over my life. Had led me to truly understand who I was and what my purpose in life is.
My life's goals & Ambitions are

  1. To Teach, Heal, & aid others to achieving their goals in life.
  2. To leave a Lasting Legacy. When I leave this life I want to leave the world better than when I came in. Basically like us all a desire to matter, make a difference & be remembered.
  3. The ability to continually grow & get better results. 
  4. Ability to be financially secure. Enough money to do what I want, when I want.
  5. Something I could be proud of being & doing.
  6. Be an positive example in my son's life.
  7. To inspire others to live fully, authentically, & passionately. 
  8. To be mindful about how I impact & affect others; as well as my own life.


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