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Friends and Family of Chris' Fundraiser:

Chris Conlon Fundraiser

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EVENT DATE: Feb 23, 2012

Friends and Family of Chris


Chris Conlon is a young, outgoing, athletic sports enthusiast from Maryland who recently suffered a serious stroke. Chris had a short, successful, routine ACL surgery on his right knee on 12/26/2012. Two days later, Chris had a serious stroke triggered by a blood clot that traveled up the neck to the left side of his brain affecting his right motor skills, speech and memory. The clot was described as being 10 times larger than most clots. That clot was removed surgically within three hours of the stroke but there were a number of smaller clots that remained. Chris was in the Neurological Intensive Care Unit and Neurosciences Care center at the University Of Maryland Medical Center for the first couple weeks after his stroke. He was later moved to Kernan Hospital for therapy treatment and is now comfortably resting with his parents. Chris has a long road to recovery that includes medical care and numerous types of therapy. Chris has proven to this day that he has been up for the challenge and continues to amaze his family and friends. Chris has always been a strong supporter of his family and friends and a giver to his community, this time he needs everyone’s support in aiding in a successful recovery.

An event will be held on Febuary 23, 2012, but this page will remain active after that date. Please visit the following URL for further information:



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