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Allen SAYS:
Happy Holidays and a BIG Dec…
Happy Holidays and a BIG December vote for you!!

Please check out my "Mud for Art" project...
I am raising money for The California State Summer School Arts Foundation at CalArts. Its mission is to train the next generation of arts professionals in animation, creative writing, dance, film & video, music, theatre, and visual arts. And what better way to raise money for this amazing program than to run through obstacles and mud?! And my next run is coming up soon!!

Your donations will help support low-income, aspiring artists and will enable those students to realize their dreams and aspirations in the arts.
7 years ago
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Helene SAYS:
October vote for you ! good …
October vote for you ! good luck on your project ! raise a ton of money ! have the best day ever !

PS: please check out my page ! :)
7 years ago
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Education Through Music
Education Thr… SAYS:
Thank you for running AND fo…
Thank you for running AND for donating!!
7 years ago
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hakeem SAYS:
Hi Chris. July vote for yo…
Hi Chris.

July vote for you!

If you get a chance please check out my projects. It’s a very exciting month, and we’d love to have you on the team.
Thanks for making a difference,

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” ~ Nelson Mandela
7 years ago
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Here's a July vote for you -…
Here's a July vote for you - look for my vote next month too .
Visit may page - a return vote would be great (just click the + sign next to my name)
Don't forget to check out my projects - join my team - donations gratefully accepted.
Unmasking Mental Illness
End Stigma of Mental Illness
Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund

7 years ago
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Brenda SAYS:
Welcome to Crowdrise!! Here…
Welcome to Crowdrise!! Here is a July vote (100 points), to help you get rolling!! Great to see you have already chosen a project!! You are off to an awesome start!!

"What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us; what we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal." ~Albert Pike
7 years ago
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Welcome to Crowdrise! You ha…
Welcome to Crowdrise!
You have my vote and support.
Best wishes and good luck fundraising for this wonderful cause.

Please check out my project to help children with Cancer in countries where treatment is not easily available. Together with Advita Fund USA, we help bringing children from Russia and other CIS countries to clinics where they can get treatment to save their lives.
7 years ago
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Chris Marolf
Chris Marolf
New York, NY United States
Stuff About Me:

This November I will be running my first marathon (that's 26.2 miles) to raise money for Education Through Music (ETM).  Education Through Music is not only my chosen charity- it has also been the centerpiece of the past 9 years of my mission-driven career. I hope you will join me in my efforts to reach my goal of $2500 before I run the NYC Marathon on November 6th!

I was more fortunate than I realized to grow up in a school district with fantastic music programs from K-12. However, after moving to New York City I discoverd that this cultural capitol was astonishingly lacking in similar programs. Quality, sequential programs like the one I had exist in a few very small pockets, typically in private school settings.

In all of my time involved with education and the arts here in NYC, I have never found another organization that does what we do-- insure that EVERY child in our partner schools receives music education at least once a week for the entire school year. In other parts of the country programs like this are part of a typical school's offerings, but not here!

But why should you contribute to ETM? You can probably think of an important connection between music and your formative years, but here are a few other reasons:

  • Mountains of research show that making music classes part of the school day actually enhances performance in other subjects! We focus on making music part of the core curriculum in our partner schools- creating music programs that make students excited about learning.
  • NYC public schools cut funding for arts supplies and equipment by over 67% in the past two years. Our role in maintaining programs cut by the city becomes more important with every budget cut.
  • We serve high need areas primarily in East Harlem and the Bronx.  Every dollar helps us give these students music programs that they would not otherwise receive- even in some more affluent school districts!

Here is an idea of how your donation will be put to use:


Sponsor a partner school student for:

                             One school year  $ 150
                             One month   $  15

Sponsor a partner school class (20 to 30 students) for:

                             One school year  $3,000 to $4,500
                             One month $   300 to $  450
                             One week

 $     85 to $  125

Sponsor an entire partner school (200 to 1,000 students) for:

                             One school year $30,000 to $150,000
                             One month  $  3,000 to $ 15,000
                             One week

 $     850 to $  4,000




-Provide updated technology resources to one music classroom (SMART interactive whiteboard, speakers, projector and hardware)

$200 to $450

-Xylophone for one classroom (soprano, alto or bass)

$100 to $650

-Stringed instrument "outfit" (violin or cello, plus bow and case) for one student


-Teaching supplies (lesson book, stickers, pens, posters, etc.) for one music teacher


-Acoustic guitar, case, and book


-Glockenspiel for one classroom


-Recorders for one class of students


-Add one piece of music repertoire to the ETM Music Library/Resource Lab




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