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Christel House is reinventing how kids and their communities break the cycle of poverty forever

Illiteracy, malnutrition, disease, low self-esteem and lack of opportunity—these are the root causes of poverty that Christel House overcomes.  Children around the world are given the opportunity to break the cycle of poverty and realize their hopes and dreams.

High quality education, nutritious meals, regular health care, character guidance, life skills development, and career counseling – these help students grow into confident, competent young adults. Additionally, family and community workshops improve children’s home environments. This year more than 3,600 kids are learning to become self-sufficient, contributing members of society at our schools in the United States, Mexico, South Africa, India, Venezuela and Serbia.

With increased support, even more at-risk children will benefit -- like Jennifer.

Jennifer is a second grader at Christel House India. Her father deserted them many years ago and her mother, who used to work as a housemaid, is ill and now unable to work. Jennifer and her little sister seldom have enough food to eat at home.  When it rains their house leaks and they have to bail the water out as if the house were a leaky boat. They rely on the kindness of neighbors to help with their basic needs. Yet, despite all her struggles, Jennifer‘s cheerfulness is contagious.

Jennifer is a hard working student with strong leadership qualities. She is very caring and often helps her classmates with their studies. Jennifer does well academically, excels in athletics, and is also artistically talented.

In the two years that she has been attending Christel House India, Jennifer has been transformed from a subdued, timid little girl to a confident and outgoing child. Jennifer dreams of being a doctor when she grows up and knows that Christel House India will help her realize her dreams -- truly a Cinderella story.

We need your help to give Jennifer and others like her the chance to fulfill their dreams.

Contributions to Christel House have a long-term, lasting impact.  They help transform families, communities and future generations.  Consider making your contribution today.

They give 100% and you can too.

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