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Practicing Mercy While almsgiving may seem straightforward, you may still wonder how exactly you can practice it this Lent. To guide us, Mother Church outlines 7 corporal—or bodily—works of mercy, as well as 7 spiritual works of mercy. The corporal works of mercy are: • To feed the hungry • To give drink to the thirsty • To clothe the naked • To harbour the harbourless • To visit the sick • To ransom the captive • To bury the dead The 7 spiritual works of mercy are: • To instruct the ignorant • To counsel the doubtful • To admonish sinners • To bear wrongs patiently • To forgive offences willingly • To comfort the afflicted • To pray for the living and the dead As you can see, physical, emotional, and spiritual needs are opportunities for mercy. visiting a sick person in the hospital, being patient with the driver who cuts you off, paying attention to one who is lonely, or praying for the souls in purgatory are all acts of mercy that we can practice. The Church lists 7 of each because 7 is a mystical number, but the possibilities are endless. The point is, we must give of ourselves to those who need it—and if we pay attention, we will find countless opportunities to do so. Here is a famous alms Quote of St. Don Bosco: - “ If we have nothing, we can give nothing; but if we have a little, let’s give a little. If we have much, let’s give accordingly. In all cases, let charity be our guide, for ultimately it will be to our advantage." - Don Bosco Over the course of history, Christians have been persecuted. It was foretold that this would be so. Jesus also told us to help the persecuted. To turn our backs on them is to turn our backs on Him. The degree to which Christians have been persecuted has varied over centuries but today, Persecution in the Middle East is off the charts. Whether in Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Libya or a whole host of other Muslim countries, violence against Christians long ago reached the point where it cannot be fathomed by the human mind. Persecution in the Middle East doesn’t just include Islamic beheading. There are crucifixions, unspeakable forms of torture and the burning alive of human beings in cages. Many Christian missionary organizations do good work but are often incapable of doing all the things that a Christian Charity should do. The overriding mission of Rescue Christians is to find persecuted Christians who are in grave danger or under imminent threat and get them to safety. This is done by having contacts on the ground in various Muslim countries who can provide that safety. Iraqi Christian persecution has skyrocketed since the removal of Saddam Hussein and the rise of ISIS. Of all the regions where persecution in the Middle East exists, Iraq is truly a place where the persecuted Christians are suffering tremendously. The people Rescue Christians has partnered with to help get Christians to safety have been working with us for years and have provided photographic evidence, documents, and other proof of their work. Persecuted Christians certainly need prayers and Bibles but they also need action so that they can pray and read their Bibles in peace. Rescue Christians understands this, which is why it is at the heart of our mission. When you donate to Rescue Christians, you’re extending a hand to the persecuted. Give Abundantly Live Lavishly:- The more you give, the more you get, The more you laugh, the less you fret, The more you do unselfishly, The more you live abundantly, The more of everything you share, The more you'll always have to spare, The more you love, the more you'll find, That life is good and friends are kind, For only what we give away, Enriches us from day to day. Conclusion We have been shown endless mercy by Our Lord, and we must show mercy to others if we are to be obedient to the Gospel. This Lent, seek opportunities for generosity. Perhaps someone has physical needs that are clearly seen, but maybe someone else has spiritual needs there more easily hidden. Pay attention. Once you are aware of a need, give generously of yourself— until it hurts. Be literally compassionate— feel the suffering of others and seek to alleviate it. You can give your donations directly in US Dollars through bank transfer to the following address:- Name : Issa Yousef Qustandi Alloush Account Number : 20872 Name Of the Bank : The Housing Bank For Trade & Finance IBAN Number: PS65HBH0040600208720023100000 I would be more grateful and much appreciated if you could support us with your lavish money to enable us help those who are in great need for this money since we have more than ( 150 ) families who are living below poverty level. Therefore,we do believe that this is the specific thing we can do for assisting those families througn allocating for them the money they need to spend for themselves and their families with accordance to the recession, the unemployment and to the high cost of living and difficult circumstances in the occupied Palestinian Territories. Thanks and Regards for your co-operation in advance. Yours Faithfully; Issa Y. Alloush Founder of Christian Catholic Relief Fund



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