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Christine's family surviving

Organized by: Hodi Christine

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The secondth february 2011, my Mother burned totally. The 20 july 2012, she was gone for diner at my home, she was go back at her home, not the burned flat who was under construction, but a flat her insurance rent for her during the works of réhabilitation, when a young man who drive so fast (about 75km/h in the center of our town) impact her. She has forts bounced on the car hood and after she has bounced on the bus parapet... The rescue workers take her to intensive care. She was broken in a lot of parts of her body and she had a cranial trauma. On week after, the Doctor said me she hasn't cerebral activity and I must decide alone to stop all the care. She died two days after, the 29 july. I was devastated because my mother and I was fusionnal. I have filed a complaint to the police against the driver, who was born in 1993 like my son. The trial was the 7th january 2013. I think It was a parody of trial, this was a shame and a travesty of justice. A psychologic trauma for me because I have knowne when my mother have seen the crazy and fasty car going to her, she was freezed and she was screaming, after the clash she was on the road and her members had convulsive movements. I have known the accident by a walker, because my mother was with a friend, but her friend was younger than her and she had run, so she was unscated and she had said my name and my adress to the walker. Whith my husband we have walked very fast, and when we arrived on the place of drama, I have seen all the Police cars, all the recue cars, I was scared. My mother was in a rescue truck, she was conscient and her Glasgow was 10, but the doctors didn't want I go with her in the truck. I wanted talk her, said her I'm here, I go to give you my force, I just want to take one of her hand in my hands so she could feel my love for her... Now, I'm very angry because It was the last Time my mother was conscient. When my father met my mother, he was a young widower with a son who was 8 hearts old. My mother was married, but she has left her husband because he didn't want a child but h denied the divorce. My mother left her born Town and went in Paris. She was pharmacist, like my father first wife. My father needed a pharmacist for work in her wife pharmacy, so he hired my mother for work with him. After some Time, they falt in LOVE and gone to live in the south of France, in a little village where my mother open a pharmacy. In 1968, I was born, my brother was 13 hearts and half oldier than me. After a new divorce law, my mother could divorce to her first husband and my parents could be married and I could be a legitimate child. My father family and my Brother didn't love my mother and I, and for them I was a bastard, It was very hard for me during my childhood. When my mother died, my brother was fallen out with my mother, my son and I. My father died in 2001, he was poor and he lefted debts, my mother came from a wealthy-family, she had her aunt heritage and my grand-father gived her much money so she could buy a very big and beautiful flat in the center of Nice, Côte d'Azur. It was her own property, buy my parents didn't have marriage contract. So, I was very shocked when at the lawyer office my brother accepted my father heritage because he knew all the things was my own Mother property. My Mother, who was a very good woman said me, don't worry, you brother is a good man and you will never not have probems with him when I will dye. But my brother have met a woman, he has married her, and she wasn't a good personn and she did all the things for be upset all the family. So today, he has got 10% of my mother flat and he didn't say what he wants sur to do. In France there is a law who says "Nobody must stay in joint possession." I am at a deadlock. My husband, my son and I will be expelled to our home because wife have payed all the expenses for my Mother flat so we haven't payed our rental. So now, we do our moving by our self with our shopping carts, and we will camp into the only Room who is finished in my Mother flat, we have electricity and only cold water. We aren't in good health, I have Fibromyalgia, my husband have big cardiac problems and my son has disease of Schoermann. Our only joy is our pets, an english cocker girl and 4 cats, and we give priority to their food before our food. Our lilyhood are for me 800€/month, It is a benefit adult disablead. My husband has 220€/month, It is an accident of work pension. My son has 300€/month from his father. All what we wants is to manage to pay electricity, water, food, and médecines. We don't want to be banking prohibition because we want to do a mortgage for pay my brother parts of my flat, do the fit-up works for do guest houses and earn our living honnestly. Another think very important for me, I just heard my adoptive sister has a brest cancer, she live in Paris, and she is alone. I want to go in Paris for help her when she go out to the hospital but I haven't money font pay my travel, and my sister hasen't a lot of money, she can't pay for my travel but she will pay my food when I will be at her home. It is very important for me because I can't let her alone, and I'm very sad in my heart because I love her, she is my sister. I hope you could help us because I'm very tired to struggle fiercely for surviving. I'm sorry because my langage isn't very well and I hope you'll understand all the things I wanted to say. I say you thank you in advance for your help.


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