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Christmas Bucharest 2011

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BENEFITING: Romanian Children's Relief


EVENT DATE: Nov 15, 2011

Mihaela Verman


Teodor Dragan wrote -

Dear all,

Each year, on Christmas, most of us go home to our families, to our loved ones, our parents, or children and spend, what has become for most, the only true "family" day.  Christmas is that day when you mange to put behind you all your worries, hardships, and differences just to be next to the ones that you love and that love you back unconditionally. It is when the pleasure of receiving pales in comparison to the joy of giving. 

If you read this, then probably you are one of those lucky people that have been blessed with a roof over their head, a warm meal, and a family that loves them. I say lucky, because not all people can afford all these simple things. Love can keep you warm and fed you for "so" long. 

As I write this, in Romania (our home country) there are parents that are desperately trying to save money so that on Christmas day their children can enjoy a proper meal. I'm talking about families where parents work for weeks and months until they can put aside enough money for some second hand boots or jackets to keep their little ones warm. The same families that sleep with two-three pair of socks, trousers and pullovers over their pijamas because they couldn't afford to pay the heating bill.  

This is a charity aimed to help the children growing up in these kind of families. It's not their fault, and most of the times - despite what others may say or think, nor the parents'. We kindly ask you to extend a hand and help some of these underprivileged kids however you might see fit: either by donating books, clothes, food or, let's be realistic, money for this cause.

We know that this is not at all original, and that we can't hope to change the status quo of the romanian society by our actions alone. But, we are motivated by the tought that at least we can bring a smile on some of these children's faces on Christmas day. 

Hoping that our little story has found its way in your heart, we would like to invite you all to share with us any thoughts or ideas that you might have on how we could better help these children.

On behalf of the whole team, we thank you for your time and wish you a "Merry Christmas!",


The Christmas Bucharest 2011 team  


PS: Since this is a charity, all the gifts and money flow will be carefully documented. We will post reports on every activity, details about the families and the children that will receive your gifts, and basically everything that will happened in the front and back-end of this project. We greatly appreciate your interest. 


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