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Christopher Johnson

Christopher Johnson
United States
Stuff About Me:

Clocks have been an intrinsic part of the human's life ever since it was invented. They have been with us when we use our wristwatches. They are with us when the grandfather's clock reminds us of the time every time it toils inside our homes. They are there on the top of our municipal town halls reminding us not to be late on our busy schedules.

There are different kinds of clocks that exist in our times. There are grandfather and grandmother clocks, mantel clocks, wall clocks, and more. Aside from these, there are torsion clocks or what others call anniversary clock or a 400-day clock. There are also carriage clock, bracket clocks, and more. If you are to look at clocks according to their power sources, they have mechanical clocks that are powered by main spring, a weight clock, a battery or electric clock, or even water clocks.

There are also clocks that do strikes and chimes. These terms are often interchangeable. But the term strike is given to a gong or bell being hit to mark a certain time of the day. It often goes off every hour to tell the time such as when four hammer strikes mean it is already four o'clock. Most clocks often sound a single strike to a bell or gong at half past the hour as well. While quarter clocks, as the name implies, reminds us of time every quarter of the hour.

The chiming clock is another type of clock. As an example, it plays a melody or tune every hour, half an hour, or quarter of an hour. The famous Westminster chimes are a very good example of this clock and so with the British and German clocks that do the same. The Westminster clock has a minimum of four gongs and bells. Four notes are played during the first quarter and then eight in the second quarter or the at the half, 12 notes are played in the third quarter, and then the full 16 notes at the end of each hour with a striking mechanism connoting the actual time at that point. Aside from these, there are other versions of chimes such as St Michael, Whittington, and Ave Maria just to name a few. They play a minimum of eight bells.

Antique clocks are very rare and anyone lucky enough to have one must know how to maintain it. Most people think that clocks can run forever even without the proper maintenance but they are wrong. Like a car, clocks are needed to be serviced in a regular manner to ensure that it will not bog down when you are using them. Professional clock repairmen should be the one to go to if you need to have your clock fixed or at least have it clean to keep it from its tip top shape. They will strip the clock down to its basic parts, clean it individually, and then rebuild the mechanism again while checking it at every stage. Sometimes oiling which means the application of basic oil is required.

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