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Christ's Commission Fund For Long-Term Development Missions of Mary and Scott Morris

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Hi, My husband and I are trying to raise money from $0.00 for multiple, possibly lifelong religious development missionary service in the developing world, as well as at least one shorter-term missions trip to the United Kingdom area. Although we are Anglican and Luthean of general affiliation, this is a somewhat ecumenical ministry because the main objective is Christ's service and to teach people how to love one another more. We welcome missions information or comments from nondenominationals and other Christian groups at either or For longer term missions, we are open as to which country we serve in while we discern which country is calling us the most, as long as we can preach the Gospel to the nations as lay ministry, help with Bible distribution, water distribution, food distribution, clothing distribution, building projects, repair work and anything vitally needed by the mission site/host community which we can possibly assist with. We are also seeking to go on an initial, shorter-term missionary trip to the United Kingdom for the purpose of networking with other fellow missions-minded British and Irish groups, attending some missionary training/briefings sessions, whether online or in-person, lay ministry and volunteer work at regional churches there. We hope also, that our shorter-term missions work in the U.K. will help promote greater cross-cultural communication, understanding and peace between the United Kingdom and those born in the United States. I am a former foreign exchange student with the American Field Service, the oldest and largest foreign exchange organization in the United States, in Germany during high school, speak German and both I and my fiancee Scott Morris, are extremely flexible to changing priorities and customs/etiquette. We want to directly advocate, through humble Christian service and education for the poor, for and end to poverty as we know it to be in the developing world, the barriers it creates, for an end to the 6,000 children who die of hunger in this world every single day, and for a world of TRUE equality for all. Won't you, in Christian mercy and charity, pick up your cross and follow Jesus to end poverty by feeding his sheep with the "bread of life"? Please prayerfully consider what you can safely donate, according to His riches in glory, as (He) may bid you do so. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR READING THIS POST, GOD BLESS YOU, AND PLEASE COME AGAIN! In His Service, Yours in Christ, Mary Anne Donovan



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Mary is working on selecting a charity so you can support Christ's Commission Fund For Long-Term Development Missions of Mary and Scott Morris.