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Chuck E Cares program is a fraud, Family in crisis

Organized by: Samuel Hull

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Hello donors, Thank you for taking the time to read about our situation. Recently my family fell on really hard times. Lots of things, all of them negative, seemed to happen all at once. I'm a Tech manager for a national chain called Chuck E. Cheeses. Since I started working for this company several years ago, i have elected to have a portion of my pay withheld for a care fund called Chuck E. Cares. This fund is supposed to be available for families in desperate need of help. I thought this was an awesome idea, simply because so many of Chuck E. Cheese employees are paid the bare minimum wage. So I signed up and elected to have money donated from each check, all was fine for years. In July of 2015 my daughter displayed disturbing behavior, as well as giving the name of a teenage boy that was her big brothers friend. I called the police and made sure an investigation was immediately launched. I had a social worker investigating the entire situation when, one day in September, I got hurt on the job. I broke my ankle and fell on my left hip, almost destroying a disc in my lower spine, causing a lot of permanent sciatic nerve pain. Of course insurance kicked in and I was getting 60% of my regular pay. On top of this investigation, I was now short on pay, bills were suffering and slipping, as well as the fridge and cabinets dwindling down on food for the children. Then to make matters worse, the head gasket in our minivan blew out, the very van we just got finished paying off three months prior to it blowing up, the engine is done, it overheats instantly, it spews coolant from the top of the heads. So now we need a new vehicle on top of it all. So I wrote a letter to the fund, and was quickly denied. They claimed I didn't qualify for the fund. By Dec 1st we were so far behind... Insurance ended on Dec 23rd. They said, that my 10lb restriction, walking no more than 100 feet, and no prolonged sitting or standing, was good enough to return to work. (which by the way, they were not able to accommodate these restrictions, they exceeded them daily.) So after about a week of no word, I went back to work for four days, then the next week for three more, that somehow I'm not back into the system and cant be paid until the error is corrected. ( To my knowledge two weeks after that and its still not. They now tell me there isn't hours available for me, they are only allowing me about 10 to 15 hours per week, which even they acknowledge is not enough to support myself, let alone my family. its just enough to say that they are giving me an opportunity, so insurance can't compensate and neither can Unemployment. In light of the situation between going back to work and hours not being available as well as the insurance agent, not being able to be put back into Chuck E.'s payroll due to work restrictions, all the trouble has casued me to hire an attorney, who smells something fishy, but can't gain me any leverage because they put me back to work and are offering some hours. Just enough to skirt around the law. My family can't survive on the situation they have dealt me. We seriously need a hand up to get back up on our feet. These last six months have been hell for me, I figured since Chuck E doesn't care, someone out there might. I'm currently sitting at home, unable to work because they, " don't want to cut other peoples hours just to give me some." I tried to apply at other places to take on another job, to supplement my income until I'm back to work at Chuck E. full time. Unfortunately no one seems interested in someone as disabled as I am, too many restrictions to prevent me from being what I need to be, for my family as well as for myself. I've been on several interviews, I'm well qualified, just to severely physically restricted. I love my job. I love to fix things. It kills me to be stuck in a situation I can't fix or rely do anything about. It was embarrassing as all, to have to beg my employer for help from this fund, even more so to go into detail and lay it all out. But it was for the children, just as it is right now, for my children. I will embarrass myself every day the week if its what ensures my children have a home, and food to eat. The Chuck E cares Program exists, but only to take in funds for a corporate account. I have done a little digging since then, and have found, no actual recipients of this fund. I believe it to be a fraud. So now I turn my plea to you, please share this... As a corporation, Chuck E. Cheeses should not be financially supported by the caring public. I hope that this article at least sheds some light into the greedy corporate world of deception. Furthermore, any people who frequent this establishment should know exactly what they think of, "their own family."


Organized by

Samuel Hull

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