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Church building fund (Lion of Judah Church)

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May 05, 2017

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The fund raiser is to build a church, we are believing God to provide the provision for the vision. This church is very loving and will provide a safe place for hurting people. Please pray and see, if God desires you to participate in giving. May God grant peace and lead you, in Jesus name.

 Personal Testimony

 Jesus is Alive

 Amazing Grace

 Personal Testimony

 I met, Amazing Grace. I had heard the song, even sang the song many times in my life before I ever met and then received this "Amazing Grace". In the later part of 2001, in Valdosta, Georgia I was a single mother with two small children, when Jesus Christ visisted me......He was Alive, not dead, and not just living in heaven as I previously thought, but Alive, well and very real. Before I met Jesus: The day I called out to God, was a day like every other day. My heart was empty and void of my purpose in life. I remember many times wanting to die and just get out of this place of misery Reaching out to God: A day came that I just called out. I remember coming home from work, laid across my bed, looked up at the ceiling...and I spoke these words " God, I know Your there, I know that Jesus is Your Son and He died for me on a cross to pay for my sins. But God, I dont understand why You seem so real to others but to me. I'm a very unhappy person. Others seem to know You, like Your real to them. God I need You to be real to me, so please make Yourself real. Jesus spoke to me: A few days later, I pulled into my driveway coming home from work. There was what looked like "trash" strewn all over my yard, pieces of paper everywhere. I took the children inside and grabbed a trash bag and began to pick up the pieces. It took a second, but then I realized what the pieces were. It was the Bible. Pages of a bible were torn and scattered all over my yard. As I picked them up, I just starting crying. I felt aweful this had happened to a bible and of course it just had to be in my yard where something terrible like this would happen. I didn't know much, but I knew to protect a bible. I could throw the pieces away at first, I just kept them. Afterward, I found my own bible and I went to my room and began to read the words in red. As I looked at the words, something happened, those red words began to "move", they would lift fromt he page. I just kept own reading. Then I heard a voice, speaking to me. The voice was gentle, sweet very kind. The voice said to me" I am Jesus, dont' be afraid." He said, " I'm Alive". And I knew He was Jesus and He was speaking with me. He knew EVERYTHING about me. And I felt ashamed, But said.....I love you, I love you, I love you, I forgive you, I forgive you, I forgive you. And I knew, that He did love me. The feelings of shame, fled. Jesus spoke a long time with me and He would answer my questions and He would comfort me. He told me many things. His presence was very powerful and intense, the presence of His Holy love was intensely passionate. I was born again. I had heard of that before, but now I had experienced being born again. He told me to "Go and tell others, I'm Alive".



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kindness is working on selecting a charity so you can support Church building fund (Lion of Judah Church).