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Church Building Project

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Our mission is to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the hurting people of Camp Levieux and bring them together for worship, learning and sharing, thus creating a community where people feels they belong to and are cared for. In fact our Church was named Eglise de Misericorde after I received a revelation about the mercy of God and it was in the same revelation that he was directed to open a church in the region of Camp Levieux and our main mission is to get the gospel message to the people. A message of hope and deliverance because we believe that the gospel has the power to bring healing and peace in this region. Our aim however is not only to preach the Gospel but to help the poor, the orphans, widows and the lonely and desperate people . Since the opening of our church on 28 Sep 2003 we have come across all types of people with diverse needs. Our vision therefore is to see the desperate people rise up with hope knowing that there is a God who can deliver them and that the prospect of a peaceful and prosperous future is not an utopia but is possible and realisable when we put our faith in God. Worship Services In line with our mission and vision statements we have organised many programs and activities during the last 10 years of our existence. Our main line of programs and activities remains the preaching of the gospel and organising weekly worship meetings where believers can meet to express their love and affection to God but also come together to learn and share with each other. Social Activities But in addition to the above and so as to cater for other people who do not form part of the congregation we have organised various events like lunch for the orphans and the old age people .Gifts like school accessories were distributed to poor children and winter covers were also given to the old people during those events . To carry out the above mentioned activities we have rented a building in Camp Levieux near the Winners Shopping Centre but unfortunately we had to vacate the building as the owner who is abroad has put the building on sale. Due to scarcity of public buildings in the area, we are now compelled to hold our church services in a small rented house and obviously this has affected our activities. We have now already started construction of the church building but we are in short of money due to some additional expenses incurred to cater for the unevenness of the land and due to conditions imposed by the municipal council to make the building soundproof, that is to ensure that sound do not go outside. The purpose of the building is primarily to provide a place for worship that will be welcoming to all people of the area. It will benefit 200 people directly but with the abovementioned social and educational activities, we believe that this project will improve the overall spiritual welfare and address the social needs of the community at large. Please note that we do not derive income from the church.On the contrary our input in the church whether financial or otherwise is quite substantial . So we should be very grateful if you can consider a contribution for the advancement of the Kingdom of God in this region of the world. Thank you and God bless you



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