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Church Roof Project - George (South Africa)

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Church Roof Project I greet you in the wonderful Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. We are a small Church situated in the beautiful George Area in the Western Cape. After years of roof leaks and water damage, we took the decision to begin the process of having a new roof installed on the church. We happily open our doors to our local residents and community. The church’s mission is to continue to contribute to the moral, ethical, physical and spiritual well-being of all soul seeking people in George. The church has worked hard to utilize its resources to serve its mission as well as to keep its buildings in good repair. Currently, we find ourselves facing a major expense in order to continue to provide a safe gathering place for our friends and neighbors. The cost of replacing the roof is significant and the congregation needs help to meet these costs, our biggest problem is that most of the congregation consist of elderly people with small pensions. We have started with fundraisers. However, we are still short of the total amount needed. We would like to count you among those who support this effort and hope you will consider making a donation to the Roof Replacement Fund. Your contribution will help us maintain the structural integrity of our church. What we believe The Bible declare that sanctification begins in the new birth and is the work of God's grace through the Word and the Holy Spirit, by which those who have been born again and delivered from the willful practice of sin are enabled to live in accordance with God's will, and to seek earnestly for holiness without which no one will see God. The Bible in their entirety are the inspired, inerrant, written Word of God. They alone contain the will of God as far as it is necessary for us to know it for our salvation, so that whatsoever is not contained therein, nor can be proved thereby, is not to be enjoined on any as an article of faith, or as a doctrine essential to salvation. By the Holy Scriptures we understand those 66 canonical books of the Old and New Testament.



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