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NuWoti Walela - Hummingbird Medicine Lodge Tax ID 56-2663932


Church of the Earth is busy this spring! We're in the process of developing Sacred Space here on our land near Seattle, Washington. NuWotiWalela ~ Hummingbird Medicine Lodge (see: for information on Hummingbird - the Medicine of Joy) ~ is a natural wildlife refuge, and we're the wildlife! Along with the hummingbirds, deer, racoons, fox, eagles, herons, crows and a lovely crane who comes to visit.

We intend to build a meeting hall for workshops and a guest house for those who want to retreat with us. As well, we want to pay off the land, so we can offer ceremonies and healing space to those in need.

We appreciate all our donors! If you give $20/mo. for a year, we'll plant a placard in the organic gardens with your name on it. If you donate $500-1,000, we'd like to offer you a weekend stay once the accommodations are ready. If you donate $2500, we'd like to welcome you for a week, and you'll get a free workshop of your choice!

The Hopi Elders say our world is "Koyaanisqatsi" ~ a crazy world out of balance. We're here to help your restore your inner balance. Indigenous Elders also tell us this is a time of co-creation ~ the time of the lone wolf is over. They say, "WE are the ones we've been waiting for!" So let's co-create the Medicine of Joy together.