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Here at C.A.R.E. we are trying to bring education and awareness to the coral reefs.

Through our education outreach programs, we bring a new and exciting world to children. We allow them to see a working ecosystem and inspire them the learn more about other areas of the world.

Connecting kids to the coral reefs through interaction and experience gives them more empowerment to see the world around them and make it a better place to live. Care more about science and exploration than their video games. Give them a chance to see something most people will never experience in person. Give them an idea of what else is out there for them to pursue and dream.

“A Little Piece of the Ocean” is our educational outreach program. It is designed to connect people to the ocean and its coral reefs. We use a portable living coral reef system. Children get a chance to see the system very up close. They get a chance to touch, see, smell, and even taste the ocean. We use props such as skeletons and fossils for a hands-on experience and an interactive presentation.

We tailor our presentation material for each classroom based on the age of children, level of knowledge and the curriculum goals of the instructor. We work with the teachers to try to fit our program into their lessons. Our basic presentation is a great option as an “in school” field trip to study photosynthesis, symbiosis and conservation.

We use activities to get the attention and create an outlet for the students to learn and explore. We use a crafts, games, or fossil digs and make sure it is age appropriate.

Our programs are available to public schools at no charge.

We are also working to provide lesson plans to teachers via an interactive website for teachers and students nationwide.

We are working towards getting more aquarium systems into classrooms for the students to use in every aspect of learning.