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CROWDRISE : Feb 24, 2011
Tax ID: 54-2024651
BASED: Plantation, FL, United States



Our Mission

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Cinterandes Foundation is a Non-Profit based in Cuenca, Ecuador and Plantation, FL.

Founded in 1991 Cinterandes promotes human development in Ecuador.

Our central progam is mobile surgery. We have built an operating room in a truck that travels across Ecuador providing a sterile environment for surgical care. Our patients are low income people from the countryside and the slums of the big cities.

Since the surgical program began in 1994 we have performed over 6,500 operations! Our doctors are all volunteers. They are mosty Ecuadorian but we frequently recieve volunteer doctors from the USA.

The most commonly requested surgeries are, laproscopic gall bladder removal, hernia repair, laproscopic tubal ligation, superficial tumor removal and hysterectomy.

We use telemedicine for preoprerative evaluation and postoperative care.

Besides serving the community we have a teaching program for Ecuadorian and foriegn students. We have hosted almost 400 students from the USA, Europe, Austrailia and New Zealand!

Our goal is to share the common human experience with students as well as the art and science of surgery while providing the best patient care possible.



Tax ID: 54-2024651 •


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