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Citizee The Mobile Solution to Campus Sexual Assaults

Organized by: Will Christison

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The Problem

1 in 4 college females will be sexually assaulted during their time in college. 7 in 10 will not report having been sexually assaulted.

The reasons for this are many and varied. Our very culture influences the way we treat sexual assault cases in seemingly subtle ways. Many victims are wrongfully embarrassed or ashamed to come forward because they feel it is their fault. Others may be too frightened to take action right away and ruin any chance they may have at seeking justice.

In the face of these terrifying statistics, very little has been done to rectify the issue. Campus blue lights are expensive and ineffective, and many counseling programs are more concerned with the college’s image than helping someone through this traumatic experience. What course of action they do take is too often mishandled and does nothing to stop the ongoing issue.

The Solution

Citizee is a suite of apps that seek to change all of that. It’s a safe, user-friendly, and, most importantly, instant and always accessible way for victims and witnesses to record and report instances of sexual misconduct. Citizee as a suite also provides general security features and backlogs all data (time, date, location, etc.) for use by police when investigating a crime.

How it Works

In this day and age the sexual environment has changed dramatically. Younger generations are inundated with images of perfect bodies, sex-fueled media, and a more relaxed attitude towards it all. The problems arise when we look at the time and age of the people in question. Most of the time they are still finding themselves and how they fit in the world. In other words, they are vulnerable.

Citizee first allows connections to be made and recorded by a joint connection and approval process linking users together and proving consent. In the event of a sexual assault, Citizee can be used discretely to report an unprovoked or unapproved encounter as well as report when an approved encounter goes too far. By using a virtual avatar designed with the help of psychologists and consultants, Citizee will guide the victim through their next steps ensuring a higher level of reports are made and with better, more detailed information and evidence. If the user is not in immediate danger, Citizee would then log all important details that will be timestamped and stored securely.

The next course of action, reporting the crime itself, can now be done much easier with the help of Citizee. The victim can be connected directly to the police, campus security, the college counselor’s office, or submit a report anonymously. These reports, even when submitted anonymously, can be called back at a later date should the need arise. They can then be logged against users who will identify themselves as repeat offenders with time.

We plan on offering an array of services including training videos, campus maps, trending news and other important sources of information for the user.

Our Mission

Our mission is twofold.

Our first objective is to increase the amount of cases that are actually reported, thereby lowering the amount of future attacks. Victims may not report a sexual assault for many reasons, but Citizee gives them a safe, secure outlet to speak about their situation and seek help if they feel there is no one to turn to.

Our second objective is to change the culture surrounding rape and other sexual attacks. Once more sexual assaults are reported, we can begin changing the way people treat this issue. Another feature of the app allows for anonymous reporting of incidents from witnesses. If someone is uncomfortable coming forward, they can still document the event. This will allow for students to start holding each other responsible and change the way we view rapists and victims.

You Can Help

The Citizee platform has already been developed out of pocket by our team, but we need additional funding to help present our work to the college market and hold important focus groups. This will allow us to streamline our service based on the feedback of real, potential users. Any and all donations will assist us in fighting college attacks and, eventually, lower the amount of annual sexual attacks we see rising in colleges currently.

We are asking for $100,000 to complete the app and bring it to college campuses in order to hold focus groups in different regions and ensure the app is effective and useful to students.   

Victims have been silent for too long. Let’s give them a voice.


Is Citizee Clery Act compliant?

Yes, Citizee is compliant with the Clery Act.

When will Citizee be available?

While the suite of apps has been developed, there is still some refinement and research needed before we begin offering the app to colleges.

What colleges will be the first to adopt Citizee?

We are currently in the process of attending focus groups and researching campuses to participate in our pilot program. If you represent a college interested in participating, please feel free to contact us.

I work for a sexual assault help center or am in another position to provide insight for the app. Can I get in contact with you if I have suggestions?

Absolutely. We want to create an app that is going to realistically help victims and prevent assaults. Any insights or suggestions are welcome. You can contact us at:​​


Goal : $100,000




Organized by

Will Christison

This is a direct to organizer fundraiser.

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