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City of Dreams

City of Dreams helps youth living in San Francisco’s low-income housing communities build brighter futures through mentorship and youth development. We are guided by a bold vision: To end the generational cycle of poverty in our city’s most challenged neighborhoods. Tax ID 20-0719899


City of Dreams is a youth development and mentorship program dedicated to serving youth living in low income housing. What sets our program apart is its ability to expand kids’ perspectives and empower them to be the architects of their own future.

We work to expand their perspectives and encourage them to develop their own sense of direction, independent of peer pressure and other external forces that can be pitfalls to healthy development. 

What we do:

At City of Dreams, we challenge young people to reach their highest potential through Experiential Learning. The events call for youth to solve problems, overcome fears, work as a team, try new things, explore creativity, embrace support, and identify their options. We offer camping, museum visits, poetry slams, sailing, organic farming, skiing, rock climbing, and a self-esteem building camp. We also include Community Development Days as a way for our kids to learn to give back to the community.

We nurture adolescents’ emotional and social development by providing a curriculum of “12 Life Lessons" like love, hope, trust, accountability and responsibility. We support each youth by pairing them with an experienced, trained mentor. We prepare young people to become leaders through our Junior Mentor Program. We model teamwork by partnering with key neighborhood groups. 

Above all, we inspire young people to face life with courage, joy, and commitment to building a better world.