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Clairy: The Most Amazing Natural Air Purifier

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About this project

Introducing Clairy

Clairy is an incredible smart flowerpot and natural air purifier, powered by real plants. It will also be the most beautiful design object you will ever have, so please help us to make it happen.

Why should I care about air pollution in my home?

People think that pollution is only outside. Wrong, it’s the complete opposite. Indoor air quality (IAQ) is a serious concern because buildings and homes are becoming increasingly more sealed to reduce energy consumption. Recent studies have shown that indoor pollution is up to 5x higher than outdoor pollution and we spend 90% of our time indoors. The World Health Organization has even listed indoor pollution as one of the most dangerous threats to our health.

Benzene: used in plastics, rubber, detergents, tobacco smoke, furniture wax and paint.

Xylene: found in printing, rubber, leather and paint industries and vehicle exhausts.

Ammonia: found in window cleaners, floor waxes and fertilizers. 

Trichloroethylene: found in printing inks, varnishes, adhesives and paint removers.

Formaldehyde: found in paper bags, facial tissues, paper towels, table napkins and synthetic fibers.

These are short-term exposure-related diseases, but long-term exposure can cause cancer and be fatal for humans. Millions of people die every year from indoor pollution-related diseases.

How does Clairy work?

Clairy is a made-in-Italy design, dual-part ceramic flowerpot. Inside the larger flowerpot, a technology unit combined to a fan directs the air from inside your home to the roots of the plant to be detoxified. Indoor air quality, temperature and humidity sensors continually test the quality of your air. From there, the built-in Wi-Fi module sends real-time updates to your smartphone.

The tech unit forces air into the roots of your plant and eliminates toxic agents, making the air you’re breathing better for you. Clairy alerts you of the toxin levels of the room which it’s in, as well as the temperature and humidity levels. Because these levels have a strong correlation with the toxicity of a room, Clairy can give you tips on how to adjust and improve the quality of your air. So, not only does Clairy help you learn of the problem- it solves it.

In the 1980’s, NASA found that certain plants are able to eliminate toxic agents- but through their roots, not their leaves. Clairy therefore amplifies the natural properties of the plants by directing toxic agents through the roots of the plant- making your home a healthier place for you to live.

Traditional flowerpots don’t allow any air in the roots, therefore, a single plant isn’t able to filter properly all the toxic agents.

Clairy can clean 80% of a heavy polluted room of 386 cubic feet (36 cubic meters) in only 30 hours from its first start. And the best thing is that it’s all-natural.

Evaluate your air

Use the Clairy smartphone app, that is compatible with iOS and Android devices, to: 

Analyze the air pollution in your home in real time 

Monitor your air temperature and humidity 

Manage Clairy’s fan 

Receive health tips 

Communicate with other smart home devices

Forget about wasting money on changing filters. With Clairy it’s all natural, there are no filters to change. 

 Clairy has been scientifically tested

We did so much research and testing on Clary at LINV, one of the most prestigious research labs on plants in Europe and PNAT a spin-off of the University of Florence, based in Italy. They proved the effectiveness of our system and will help us make it even more powerful.

Clairy combines technology and design

We've worked hard on the design for more than a year. The design is important, not only for the aesthetics of the product but also to improve the air purifying performance.

For a better world

We've formed a strong partnership with Eden Projects, a non-profit organization that helps to reforest the world in poor countries. They’re great not only because we can all benefit from more trees and better air all over the world, but because they do it in poor countries, giving hope to people that don’t have nothing.

Our Mission

We’ve set out to highlight the necessity of green ethics and to increase your quality of life by developing simple products that combine innovative technologies with incredible design.

Risks and challenges

As with any hardware project, there are always schedule risks associated with manufacturing and supply chain logistics.

We have a team of talented Industrial Designers and top Silicon Valley investors and Advisors that are helping us with manufacturing and many other issues.

We are merging Technology with Nature, so we made a strong partnership with one of the biggest lab entirely dedicated on plants neurobiology in order to improve our products.






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