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Aaron Gardner's Fundraiser:

Invest in Life-Saving Clean Energy

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EVENT: 2012 ING New York City Marathon - $1 Mil a Mile

EVENT DATE: Nov 04, 2012

Aaron Gardner


Help me raise money for Energy in Common, an organization dedicated to funding clean energy for people leaving in energy poverty.  What is energy poverty?

More than 125,000 years ago, your ancestors discovered fire and with it came a source of heat, warmth and light. Unfortunately, for 1 in 3 people living today very little has changed. This is energy poverty.

Without access to modern power, the cost of energy is far higher than you can imagine. These families must dedicate hours everyday to the collection of firewood. Any other fuels they have access to, such as kerosene, are not only incredibly expensive - often costing a whopping 30% of a family's income - but also horribly inefficient. And as if that wasn't enough - there’s also a good chance it could cost them their life too. The indoor air pollution caused by these inefficient fuels is one of the world's biggest killers, responsible for more deaths each year than malaria.

We have the technology to eliminate energy poverty. The trouble is that it comes with an upfront price-tag that is just too expensive for families living in poverty (despite the fact that it works out to be much cheaper in the long run).  That's where Energy in Common comes in.


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