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Hey guys, This has been a big year for me, everyday I wake up more ready and excited about what I have ahead of me. I stopped drinking to help me down my path of music. After gay pride 2015 so much to celebrate about with gay marriage and having a overall wonderful life in the bay since I moved here in 2012. I realized I've gotten a bit comfortable with my living and wasn't meeting some of my goals. I joking wondered was there anything I did everyday or at least 5 days a week that I liked. My answer was drink, after tracking my drinking for a month I deiced I would stop drinking. This was hard since I work in a wine bar and had so many good time with alcohol. I'm happy to say that I'm living pretty dry only indulging in about 1. oz of wine whenever there some new wines I have study. I will never condemn the use of alcohol or specified substances, but I for it was important for me to pay attention to when and why I was doing something. I was using alcohol to keep me happy and found without is life was hard, I was bored of being with myself, and I was tired of working the unknown. 8 months later I'm in the best health I've ever been. I'm exploring interest in cooking, fitness, reading, piano,singing, and composition. I am more ready to love because I love myself and I prove it each day because I'm there for it. Running is my reward, I have legs that work and I can improve at something I put work in. I'm running to encourage others to make hard but good choices for ourselves. There's enough happiness to go around for all 7 billions or so of us. I'm happy to say that I'm happier sober then I will ever been intoxicated. Best Intentions, Kevin Boursiquot



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