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Clean Water Haiti

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Joe Gautier via Crowdrise
December 25, 2010

This is a typical household in Haiti. This photo was taken in Mirebalais about a week before Tomas and the cholera showed up!!  See more


Joe Gautier


Are you one of the hundreds of people baffled by the outbreak and spread of cholera in Haiti? It is a very simple problem to fix, but there are a number of very real and politically-sensitive reasons why the organizations that CAN do something, CAN'T do something to fix it. We announced that the cholera situation would escalate to over 5,000 dead before the end of the first week it was discovered near Mirebalais. If you want to help provide clean water for Haitians, there is only one real way to do it. You must kill the cholera in the water supply!!!

So, you might ask, why isn't this happening? The very real and simple answer is that the WHO and DINEPA do not have the technology to do it.

These very well-meaning organizations rely solely on chlorine to sanitize or disinfect the water supply. But, chlorine MUST be mixed mechanically into the water and this requires electricity. If you do not have electricity, you cannot mix in the chlorine and if your electrical grid is down 50% of the time, you have no electricity. Simple, huh?

So, the death toll continues to rise and these organizations, well-meaning as they might be, are sitting on 10's of thousands of gallons of chlorine that they simply cannot use. They cannot use it because the electrical grid in Haiti is horrific. The EDH (Electricite d'Haiti) is the island's sole power company. Their primary power source is a hydro-electric dam on Lake Pelgre (prounounced Pah-leeg). This hydro-power plant has three huge Italian-made turbines capable of generating nearly 44 Mw of electricity. That's plenty of power to keep the lights on in Port-au-Prince. The problem is that the plant is down 40-50% of the time and when it is running at "full capacity", it generates only about 8Mw, not the 44Mw it's rated for.

The long and the short of it is this. The death toll in Haiti will continue to rise until the WHO and DINEPA and, I might add, the Haitian Gov't (they're in the midst of elections-don't even get me started) decide to allow true water experts like Clean Water Haiti, to put a program in place that will work.

We've been successfully cleaning water for a large number of organizations in Haiti and have had a ZERO INCIDENCE of water-borne disease or, as it is known, "diarrheal disease" in nearly 5 years.

We don't use toxic chlorine or ammonia. It is not a UV filter, clove oil or iodine, which makes the water un-drinkable. We use a proprietary copper ion solution that is self-dispersing (you don't have to mix it) and is a natural disinfectant that won't harm the environment.

We are looking for donations to help us send more product to Haiti and elsewhere in the Caribbean (there is cholera in the Dominican Republic and in Jamaica now). Your donation is not tax deductible, but it does go directly to the kids in Haiti through an organization that is. We have people on the ground in St. Marc and near Mirebalais. If you want to check out our company, you can go to and donate to our delivery partners, Friendships Unlimited by clicking on the Haitian flag.

I certainly would welcome any help with awareness. We're the only group in Haiti now that can treat the water supply without equipment and we've been there. I hope you can help us and I know that the "big guys" will come on board some day. In the meantime, keep praying and sending good vibes as we continue to ship water treatment solution into Haiti and save kid at a time.

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Joe Gautier
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