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Empowering people with solutions to their desperate need for clean water. Tax ID 27-3241588


Clean Water Movement exists to fund the development of life-saving clean water solutions across the globe.


1. Our staff is formed up entirely of volunteers and always will be.

None of us get any form of compensation from donations given to Clean Water Movement. For many humanitarian aid agencies, up to 80% of funds go towards staff salaries. We believe that all donations should go directly into the drilling of sustainable clean water sources through our partners on the ground.


2. We only support cost-effective well drilling methods that are reproducible by local rural populations.

In some regions of South America and Africa, billions of dollars have been wasted (both by government agencies and aid organizations) on wells that are no longer functional just years after they were drilled.  Our field partners make sure that communities have both the knowledge and the materials that they need to maintain wells so that donation money is not wasted on projects that fail within a few years.  The solutions our partners are implementing are affordable and understandable by local populations even in the most remote areas of the world.  They teach people in these populations to drill their own wells and solve their lack of access to clean water indefinitely.


3. We make it easy for people to give.

Through the $2movement, we ensure that someone with just a few bucks to spare can do their part in bringing an end to the clean water crisis. Our automatic charge option makes monthly giving hassle-free. Through CWSoccer, we connect with something that people already do and enjoy and use the proceeds to drill wells and change lives.