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Clear Choices Healing Center is creating better access for Americans to alternative healing solutions. CCHC is providing access to healing solutions for which western medicine cannot provide results, nationwide community healing centers, and as-needed funding for alternative treatments which the insurance industry will not cover the costs of at this time. Tax ID 82-3501755


Clear Choices Healing Center (further listed as CCHC) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization registered in Arlington, Massachusetts. CCHC’s mission is to be an education resource, a directional or recommendation resource, and a financial resource for people seeking medical and health choices outside of the traditional western medical system. There is currently a gap between the traditional western medical system, the health insurance industry, and the actual wellness of the people of the United States. CCHC intends on creating an opportunity for people to explore incorporating alternative options into medical treatments they are currently receiving.

Because Americans have spent decades trusting their doctors and the medications they've been given, while not seeing marked improvement in their health in many cases, nor being offered other solutions beyond what hasn't worked for them, many Americans have chosen to look elsewhere for managing their health. Americans are now researching for themselves and trying alternative and whole health options for their health needs, and are getting results they didn't get from conventional western medicine. Even some western doctors are exploring eastern knowledge in some cases, having recognized that there is more to learn than they were taught in their western education. CCHC isn't asking Americans to leave their conventional doctors, but rather to invite their doctors to embrace a whole approach to their health care. Many doctors do now. Many will follow. More people will become healthier, with less drugs.

Clear Choices Healing Center recognizes that healing also takes place in the areas of energy, emotions, and beliefs. We recognize that the human body is an energy system, which includes a meridian system. This meridian system governs the organs of the human body. Where there is an imbalance in the flow of energy in the meridian system, disease or illness can follow in the body.  While western medicine does not recognize or understand this fact, the vision of our healing center is to offer education and access to whole health treatments and to provide access to funding for alternative health care options, on an as needed basis. Because the insurance industry does not help with alternative options, Clear Choices Healing Center is taking that task on.

Our desire is that our nation begins to heal, physically, spiritually, and mentally. Therefore,  CCHC is creating both a nationwide database of alternative healing practitioners with holistic case workers to help guide you and work with your conventional doctors. This database will be available on our website. Also found on our website is our choice for food sourced vitamin supplements, and the science and research their manufacturers have available from around 100 years to date on not only their products but on nutrients as well. We will also provide articles on health related subjects to help you with your research.  

Our nationwide community healing centers offer whole and functional medicine doctors, chiropractic, acupuncture and acupressure along with other alternative healing options. Science based energy healing treatments will be offered, such as Eden Energy Medicine, Healing Touch, Holographic Kinetics and more. Relaxation, grounding and centering are all important to health and balance, so yoga and meditation classes will be central to the center. Support groups including twelve step programs, parenting and domestic violence groups will be welcome in our center, for emotional health. Speakers will regularly be available in our centers, including practitioners. Speakers will be a great access point for education on many subjects the community wants to learn about, including what a practitioner can do for their client. We'll have classes on essential oils, and certifications through any modality that is willing to hold training in our centers. Funding will be available through CCHC to assist students with the cost of tuition for these classes.

There are currently no other organizations in the United States who are focused on assisting people with funding or education regarding alternative healing options. Clear Choices Healing Center is a unique concept. We exclude no one. Our desire is to open community centers everywhere a community wants an available healing center like ours. We intend to work alongside and in support of those who wish to create community healing center for those in their area, with the good of the community fully in mind.

We hope you'll join us in a paradigm shift in how we approach health care in our country, and available to all who desire a natural approach to healing fully. Your generous donations could make a difference for you or someone you love.

Check out our website at and please consider becoming a monthly donor!