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Cleopatra meals on wheels

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hi there every one my name is Cleopatra, i am a hard working loving and caring, devoted artist- musician and i could really use your help not for me but it is from my heart i had a calling ,and i realizes my mission

in life is to help people,i need money to help me with my meals on wheels non for-profit charity organization it is call CLEOPATRA MEALS ON WHEELS, TO HELP THE POOR AND NEEDY SO PLEASE GIVE FROM

YOUR HEART, what i want is to have a meals on wheels in every city where i can go on the road every day and night and help the poor and needy, with hot meals,clothing,help them find shelter,apartments,

there are lots of people that needs help and i have the will and determination,and tender loving care, i am so sad when i see the poor and helpless people and family’s with out the necessity of life, please help me

to help them ,for all of us for the future, please be as generous as you can ,thanks and have a nice day, you have a few ways to help me with my project, one way is by donating to my kickstarter project and

anther way is buying my albums ,cds and mp3s here are the links to buy my music you can buy them from any online music store like CDBABY.COM or ITUNES be sure to look for the names of the albums or

mp3s and titals listed below you can get them on cd or mp3s check out the listens below,thank for helping our world, PLEASE BACK ME UP DONATING TO MY PROJECT AND I WILL ALWAY GOT YOUR BACK WHEN YOU NEED HELP
to buy Cleopatra music and videos online please visit www.CDBABY.COM OR go to I TUNES here are Cleopatra releases by albums names ,

1. Cleopatra queen of the Nile.
2. Cleopatra in the heat.
3. kick u off my house.
4. 7 seven days a week.
5. close to you.
6. boy u say.
7. don't break my heart.
8. electric sonic boom.
9. extraterrestrial monstrosity...
10.I had a dream.
11.don't judge a book buy the look.
12.Cleopatra like a flames.
13.extra extra read all about me.
14.feel the fire baby



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cleopatra is working on selecting a charity so you can support Cleopatra meals on wheels.