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Climate-Impacted U.S. Youth Empower Their Communities

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What You're Supporting

30 nationally competitively selected U.S. youth from climate-impacted communities will mobilize and educate their communities about climate change and advocate at the UN climate talks in December 2011.

Why Youth Voices Matter
Climate change poses major health, economic, and environmental threats to youth across the U.S. Some recent estimates put these combined costs at hundreds of billions of dollars. Youth, whose futures are at stake from climate impacts, often lack the skills to educate their peers and communities about climate change threats. Local and national solutions like pollution limits & investments in energy efficiency and renewable energy could reduce these impacts if communities were moved to act.

How We'll Use Your Support

SustainUS will competitively select 30 youth from climate-impacted communities across the U.S. and train them to educate their communities about climate impacts and use the UN climate talks in South Africa in December to help them mobilize their peers.

Delegates will work before and after the negotiations in their communitities to educate them about climate change and its local impacts, and mobilize them to take action locally, nationally, and internationally in coordination with our delegates while they are at the negotiations, through our Rapid Response Network that connects youth at the negotiations to people back home.

Our youth will be trained on climate education & advocacy and taught how to train others. Successful changes to policy locally, nationally, or globally will reduce climate change and thus climate change impacts. Momentum will build for future action.

People Who've Benefited Already

Hear from one of our youth delegates to the 2010 climate negotiations, Aurora Conley, who benefited from support from donors just like you:

"I feel my participation was extremely important and beneficial to me and the youth movement, especially as a young native woman there to represent, share and exchange with a diverse voice and position. I feel it is extremely important that Indigenous people be able to share and voice themselves, rather than through. I was empowered. I was empowered with knowledge and by experience.

The grant money helped by even getting me to COP16 at all. As I was fundraising and deadlines grew nearer, there were still some funds that I needed to ensure my participation. When I learned of my scholarship from SustainUS, I was motivated and determined to raise the rest of the funds needed to attend and I did! With the funds from the grant and the money I was able to raise..I was able to attend COP16. Coming from a low-income family, community and system, when someone reaches out and helps you when needed, it is as though you are saying that you believe in me and my potential too! I had an opportunity and ability and there should be no hindrances in seizing opportunities or using skills. The gift of giving transcends, gives a sense of hope, enlightenment, especially when financial situations limit opportunity. Thank you-or as we say in Anishinabe language-Chi-Miigwetch."

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