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March 15, 2012

I am so happy to be raising money for the California Youth Connection.  See more
Daniel Heimpel


Climb to the top of Mt. Shasta for personal achievement and to support foster youth overcoming amazing odds everyday.

There are approximately 12 million Americans who have experienced foster care in America, with over 400,000 children in the system today. While the story we so often hear is laced with the hardship these children and adults have to endure, there is another -- wholly different – story: one etched in resilience and strength.

The California Youth Connection (CYC), a youth-run and led legislative advocacy organization, is composed of hundreds of current and former foster youth who are the embodiment of that inspirational story. Since CYC was founded in 1988, it has grown into powerful political force, not only bending the arc of California’s public policy around foster care, but empowering thousands of youth to speak directly to power. The example set by CYC and its young leaders has inspired as many as 106 youth-driven advocacy groups across the nation.

As a journalist, the director of Fostering Media Connections and now as a CYC board member, I have come to know the organization and the youth it represents intimately. As someone deeply committed to the movement CYC represents and the promise it holds for the future of not only children in foster care, but all children, I feel compelled to do whatever I can to help.

So, I am combining one of my passions, mountaineering with fundraising for this important cause. On July 21st of this year, a group of climbers and myself will take the Southern route up 13,164-foot Mt. Shasta. This southern Cascade is a great introductory climb for people who want a gateway into larger more technical peaks.

We have set up a web-based giving platform so that anyone interested in the climb can join us and raise funds to support CYC’s advocacy and youth empowerment work. To check out the host page, please go to www.crowdrise.com/californiayouthconnection. In addition to joining us for the climb, you can support CYC by sponsoring or donating to the cause. You can go to www.calyouthconn.org/donate to donate online, or contact CYC’s Director of Development Jacque Lindeman to donate products and/or services.

Please join me in helping CYC’s foster youth reach new heights and rise above it all.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at (510) 334-8636 or Jacque Lindeman at (415) 442-5060 or jacque@calyouthconn.org.

Thank you for your support,

Daniel Heimpel



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