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CROWDRISE : May 15, 2014
Tax ID: 26-1945710
BASED: Littleton, CO, United States


CLIMB Internships

World-class jobs for world-class students.

CLIMB's mission is to educate top flight students, engage alumni of great colleges and universities, and improve Denver and Colorado. The top students of this generation will emerge as the leaders of the next generation. By finding good profit and nonprofit jobs, excellent housing, mentors, and great events, we attract top students to the CLIMB Internship Program. We believe CLIMB will have major benefits to Denver and Colorado.  The growth and excellence of Silicon Valley was generated, in no small part, by Frederick Terman who nurtured and encouraged entrepreneurs, engineers and young leaders of Stanford and other universities to settle in Silicon Valley to build their businesses and lives.  Denver is a beautiful and suitable place for the leaders of tomorrow to get to know, to appreciate, and to return to.  CLIMB will help students, entrepreneurs, leaders, and creators, and encourage them to return and improve Denver.

Tax ID: 26-1945710 •


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