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BENEFITING: Shaohannahs Hope Inc


EVENT: The Wipro San Francisco Marathon 2012

EVENT DATE: Jul 29, 2012

timothy birch


Dora Wintor wrote -

On Sunday, July 29, 2012, in following her Momma's footsteps (literally), Skylar Bear will be doing her first fundraising run!

During our visit to Beijing in April, we had the pleasure of visiting the New Hope Foster Home, where they lovingly help abandoned babies by providing care and medical treatment for those with surgically correctable deformities.  As many of you know, the one-child rule in China means that thousands of babies born with deformities or health issues are abandoned every year.  While we cannot help them all, even one baby saved is worth the effort.

With Hope Foster Home's great work, many children they are able to take into their Home make a full recovery and are adopted into loving "forever families" WORLDWIDE. Through their tireless efforts, Robin and Joyce (the founders and operators), have given many babies, otherwise destined for an early ending, a fighting chance at a life full of love and endless possibilities.

Skylar was deeply affected by the babies she played with, she thoroughly enjoyed being their Jeh Jeh (big sister) and asked to return soon. She asked many questions and took everything in as she realized that she is, indeed, a lucky child. She realizes that there are many who are not as lucky as she to enjoy good health and a loving family.

She wants to do her part to help them...and she needs your help to do it!

Your donations, no matter how big or small, are much appreciated and completely tax deductible!  YAY for babies & you!!

You can find out more about New Hope Foundation here: 

Show Hope is their US partner and major sponsor.

This is how your donation can help:

1)    US $330 buys
     a)    1 cleft lip or palate surgery; or
     b)    1 months’ supply of special formula from the US for a baby who has Phenylketonuria (PKU) and needs this formula to prevent brain damage; or
     c)    5-day supply of milk powded for babies in the Beijing Center.

2)    US$5000 buys
     a)    2 month’s supply of diapers for f babies in the Beijing Center; or
     b)    1 bowel surgery for a baby.

3)    US$10,000 buys
     a)    3 months food supply for toddlers and staff meals; or
     b)    5 months’ supply of medicines for the babies; or
     c)    1 heart surgery.

4)    US$ 25,000 buys
     a)    Coal supply for next winter; or
     b)    5 bowel surgeries.

5)    US$50,000 buys

     a)    5 heart surgeries; or
     b)    1 year of electricity; or
     c)    1 month salary for nannies and support staff of the Beijing unit.



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