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Ride2walk Donation/Support Update..... Awesome so far!!!!
August 27, 2016

Ride2walk is already a success.... no doubt about it. CHECK OUT the Crowdrise/Ride2walk funding  totals for today....... $12,659 raised thus  See more


EVENT DATE: Aug 01, 2016

Robert Johnson


Chicago, IL – Robert Johnson PT, DPT, OCS is taking part in a ‘solo’ Lake Superior Circle Tour Aug 2016, kicking a ‘Movement is the Medicine’ groove into high gear for 2016.

Robert ‘Bob’ Johnson will #Ride2Walk bicycle around the largest freshwater lake in the world-Lake Superior.  After a triumphant recovery from a heart attack in late 2012 and cancer survivor in late 2015, Bob Johnson personally put to the test his belief, and practice, that ‘Movement is the Medicine’.

Partnering with Operation Walk Chicago since 2005, Bob uses his internationally renowned pain science approach to assist in the rehabilitation of patients’, worldwide, recover and improve their quality of life. for Operation Walk Chicago, a 501(c) (3) charitable non-profit organization, that provides joint replacement and rehabilitation services to disadvantaged patients globally. Bob believes a 1300 mile ‘solo’ bicycle trip circumventing Lake Superior parallels the spirit of Operation Walk Chicago; dedication to a goal, commitment to the culture and the return of movement, function and health.  Creating awareness of Operation Walk’s mission, and giving back to this community, provides a financial foundation for this adventure to be a win-win for everyone.


More about Bob Johnson:

  • Second most common name in the United States!
  • Grew up in Iowa farm country.
  • Physical Therapist & Co-owner of Achieve Orthopedic Rehab, Chicago
  • International expert/instructor in Pain Biology & Neuroscience.
  • Alumnus of Northwestern University & Rosalind Franklin University Medical School
  • Turning 60 y/o during this ride, personal theme is “Movement is the Medicine”.


What is Operation Walk’s mission and relationship to Bob Johnson?

  • Operation Walk Chicago’s mission is to improve the quality of life of disadvantaged patients around the world through reducing disability from advanced joint disease.
  • Providing joint replacement and joint rehabilitation to disadvantaged patients around the world.
  • Educating local surgeons and healthcare teams.
  • Assisting in-country healthcare systems in reducing arthritis related disability.
  • Establishing educational fellowships for on-going collaboration.
  • Bob Johnson has been a lead physical therapist, and Operation walk team member, since Operation Walk’s inaugural mission to Cheng Du, China, 2005.
  • He has staffed 8 Operation Walks, including China, Ecuador, India, Nepal and Vietnam.
  • He has educated Physical therapists and rehabilitation staff in each country.
  • ‘Giving back’ is what Operation walk does; is what Bob Johnson does: Is what WE ALL can do.

To make it easy for individuals to give, Bob has set up a  as well as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to keep supporters aware of Operation Walk Chicago, and up to date on #Ride2Walk

“Everyone has something to give, and this is a great time to get involved,” said Bob.  By making this ride, I hope more people will make an ongoing commitment to volunteering and supporting throughout the year.”


  • Dave Meier


  • Maureen & Cliff


  • Steve & Sally


  • Terry, Anjali, and Kiran


  • Iris and Steve Podolsky


  • Hope Frye


  • John & Mary Glusak


  • Tim and Linda Giardina


  • Bruce Scheib


  • Ginny Storjohann


  • Don & Dolly


  • Mary & Ken Mulcrone


  • Anonymous


  • Adam Andersen


  • Doc O.C.


  • Kitty Finn


  • Deborah Darr


  • David Ash


  • Phil Raskin


  • Mira Mokhat


  • Caryl Dillon




  • Ellen Smith


  • Meryl Perlman and Michael Barry


  • Jo Fasen


  • Douglas Baum


  • Linda Loose


  • Dave Wannstedt


  • Janet Lewis


  • Deborah H Shefrin


  • Sam Steinfeld


  • Janice Lewis


  • steve goldberg


  • Anke Faber


  • Brian & Judy


  • Scott B. Williams


  • Tim, Lisa, Abbey, Becca Ockenfels


  • Belinda


  • John Hirsch


  • Jim Gordon, The Edgewater Funds


  • mj harris


  • Pam Coffey


  • Jacquie Taylor


  • Von and Peter Zeldow


  • Gerry Lang


  • Mike and Nancy Kett


  • Stephen Cless


  • Donna Ames


  • arthur friedman


  • Mike Maddaloni


  • Eric and Ann Svandra


  • Iris Witkowsky


  • janet graham


  • Wesley M Kurszewski


  • Anonymous


  • Jeff Olson


  • Kevin McNIhchols


  • Linda Gibboney


  • Stephanie Wilson


  • Phil Lee


  • Travis Kluegel




  • Pam Walker


  • Pat Kennedy


  • Jack, Rada, Tomas and Graeme Phillips


  • Mick De Giulio


  • Alvin Rodis


  • Robert Copeland


  • Lisa and Doug Rosskamm


  • Marianne Pingitore


  • Patti and Tim Sullivan


  • Sue Camins


  • Ryan & Mandi Meiners


  • Mort & Marcy Ockenfels


  • Nicole Higgins


  • Diane Maier


  • Julie Johnson


  • Aimee Klein


  • Sandra Quiles


  • Thomas, Anita, Scott Smith


  • Mark Jones


  • The Dempsey Family


  • james johnson aka boner t


  • Mark Kaufman


  • Mike Castelaz


  • Dad .he would be so proud of you.


  • Dave and Darla


  • Christine Demas


  • NOI Group Australia


  • Charles Novak


  • John Lowrey & Jennifer Buchta


  • Ivan huergo


  • Ruggero


  • Allen Rubin


  • Jen Martin


  • Scott & Bicki


  • Ron


  • Anonymous


  • Brownstone neighbors


  • Dave and Connie Zyer



52% Raised of $25,000 Goal

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Robert Johnson

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52% Raised of $25,000 Goal

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Dave and Connie Zyer

Dave and Connie Zyer

Happy 60th, Bob! What a great adventure, physical accomplishment, and gift to Operation Walk. 2 years ago

Brownstone neighbors

Brownstone neighbors

2 years ago



Happy 6-0 and Congratulations! 2 years ago



2 years ago

Scott & Bicki

Scott & Bicki

Congrats on your 1,300 mile ride! 2 years ago

Jen Martin

Jen Martin

You're SO worth a dollar for every year of your life! 2 years ago

Allen Rubin

Allen Rubin

Congrats, Bob! Well done, sir! 2 years ago



2 years ago

Ivan huergo

Ivan huergo

Happy birthday 2 years ago

John Lowrey & Jennifer Buchta

John Lowrey & Jennifer Buchta

Robert, Happy 60th Birthday Tenfoldâ 2 years ago