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Colorado ASCD will unite and influence the P-20 educational community to promote excellence for each Colorado learner. Professional growth, voice and innovation for Colorado educators; advocacy and success for each Colorado learner. Tax ID 20-1437978


CO ASCD is reinventing the way organizations work together building upon generosity, sharing resources, and providing a greater value for educators.  Framework 2021: A P-20 Vision for Learning engages learners of all types and all ages prepare for the world they will meet in the very near future. 

As we think about what the world will be in the years to comes, so much will have changed. Students from all over the world will have so much more to think about on a grander scale than what they can fact find on Google or Wolfram Alpha.

We want to introduce you to two students, named Chris, with two very different experiences in the world of education, now.  

Two Students, Two Very Different Experiences

The year is 2041. Chris grew up in Colorado and is now 25.  Chris just received his first evaluation from his employer. It was spectacular! Chris’s boss pointed out that he takes initiative and can collaborate with his team. That has helped him and his team become global learners that take risks to create innovative products and experiences. He has the skills to communicate his ideas with confidence, which has elevated him and the business in which he works.

Because of this great evaluation he now has the opportunity to lead an initiative to develop new business venture.  Chris jumped at the opportunity to take on this role that elicits passion for him. Lucky for Chris he can use his skills that he developed in P-20 education to communicate, collaborate, and curate all that is needed to fill the requirements of this venture. This work is very fulfilling for Chris because he is a lifelong learner that craves opportunities to express curiosity, work hard toward goals, and engage in the world around him.   

As a learner in Colorado Chris was exposed to the importance of play, project based learning, and connection from an early age.  This continued as he went through schooling that focused on real world problem solving, collaboration, and experiential learning.  When it came time for Chris to go to college he already had the goals and vision that he developed early on in his education. He was used to having choice and voice from the very beginning and that became the binding thread between all the levels he experienced. Additionally, he was challenged to think for himself beyond preparing for tests and standardized competencies. Because of these skills and the support he had from his learning community, including teachers, he had the confidence to apply for a position that would fulfill his life.  

The year is 2018. Taylor has also grown up in Colorado and went to a typical school.  What does her first employment evaluation look like?

  • risk taker
  • confident
  • curious
  • informs himself
  • engages in the world around him
  • good with relationships
  • problem solver
  • creative
  • team player

The Framework 2021: A P-20 Vision for Learning in Colorado project is a grass-roots effort to improve instruction in order to fully engage students in their learning and prepare them for the world in which they will work and contribute. The project is led by Colorado ASCD, an education organization that is focused on providing professional growth, voice, and innovation for Colorado educators and advocating for the success of each Colorado learner. The Framework 2021 project is designed to address the pressing problems of student engagement; development of students’ thinking, problem-solving, and life skills, and lack of alignment of teaching and learning skills across grade levels. It is based on several beliefs that reflect CO ASCD’s commitment to uniting and influencing the Pre-K through university (P-20) educational community to promote equity and success for each learner. These beliefs include the following:

  •  Learning is social and collaborative.
  •  Learning takes place inside and outside the classroom.
  •  Ownership of learning belongs to students.
  •  Teacher leadership is critical to the success of efforts to improve instruction and student learning.
  •  Student long-term learning outcomes are enhanced when teachers across the levels of the education system have a           shared understanding of instructional practices that engage, challenge, and support students and use those practices         effectively.

Consistent with these beliefs, the Framework 2021 project is being developed by and for teachers. It includes four strands: (1) development of a tool (the “Framework”) to guide teachers’ design of student learning experiences, (2) enhancement of teachers’ leadership skills (particularly related to sharing leadership for instructional improvement), (3) dissemination efforts that support understanding and use of the Framework across levels of the education system and in all areas of the state, and (4) provision of a platform that provides rural areas in Colorado with easy access to the Framework and extends access to and use of the Framework across the nation and the globe.