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equipping, activating, and launching people to effectively disciple nations Tax ID 20-8605603


We envision a world where every person has been impacted by the message of Jesus and presented with the opportunity to understand who He is and be able to choose to follow Him.


We are driven by a vision to see communities, provinces, nations, and regions transformed by the person of Jesus because we believe that He and His Word are profoundly relevant to the unique issues of our 21st Century and globalized world.


We dream of nations where family, church, education, business, the arts, government, communications, science and technology, are positively influenced through the transformational lives of Jesus followers. 


We connect our members to community to provide support, encouragement, and accountability, to help each individual grow, nurture their gifts, and fulfill their potential. We connect our members to their purpose by activating them through resourcing and training, and thus, equip and launch servant leaders that influence the world.