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Ianthe and Melanie Lauwaert


We dream about a world where individuals can live in freedom and societies can live in peace; where people live out of a strong connection with their Selves, the others and the world around them. A world of authentic beings, working and living together for each other. A world where creativity in every sense is the generative power and where every human being is a co-creator.
One day we woke up to this dream and we realized that it is not just an imagination but it is in fact a picture of the future! It was then we knew one should never stop dreaming, as every dream bears the potential of a true story…
This particular story starts with two individual beings choosing to come on earth together. Twenty-three years ago we were born as twins, the firstborns of our parents. The main part of our paths we walked together, side by side and strongly connected. We went to a lot of places together and people started to know us as “the twins”. Actually this was very cool! It is very interesting to have an individual identity and also a shared one… More and more we started to understand why we are here, both individually and together. This process of understanding was also especially stimulated by the decision we too last year.
Exactly one year ago we decided with a friend to design and develop an individual study, which we called “The Art of I-Skulpture”. It is an active search for who we are; it’s a quest to our authentic being. We approach the “I” as a sculpture that reveals itself through both inner and outer work. The impulse was to bring more freedom, connection and authenticity in our education: we decide what, why, how and from whom we want to learn. One of the main questions is how we can develop ourselves and our consciousness in order to contribute to the creation of a better world.

In this wonder-full and experience-full year a lot of new questions arose and some of them brought us to the urgent need to develop skills which will help us to actively create the dream we have about the world. In order for this we both found the need for our Self-study to take on a new shape and to take a next step on our paths: Melanie finds herself on the way to Sweden, where she will participate in the International Youth Initiative Program. Ianthe finds herself on the way to Harlemville, New York where she will participate in the Free Columbia Art Course.

It was with great enthusiasm and dedication that I always utilized every chance I got to develop myself and to come closer to my source of creativity and potential. The last years brought me insight in who I am and what my task is. My choices so far where always based on what my heart was telling me and where my feet were taking me. The next step I will take also comes forth out of a strong intuition.
The last years I’ve often been working out of my own creation. Not only did I create sculptures, but also my own frames for inspiration and education on many areas. To be able to carry out my future work in a proper and sustainable way I feel the urgent need to develop some skills I can’t just develop out of myself. I need an environment where input is provided and where people actively work on developing initiative in the world. It’s a challenge I continue to encounter: how can I transform the idea in a physical creation in the social reality?

My needs can receive an answer in the International Youth Initiative Program (YIP) in Järna, Sweden. YIP is a one-year social entrepreneur training It’s a young training that came into the world three years ago. the YIP wants to meet the needs of young people with initiative power through working one year with them very intensely on different aspects considering taking initiatives. One way of doing this is focusing every week on a new theoretical or artistic theme. For this, international and very competent contributors are invited. Some examples of themes: Initiative and initiation, Civil society, Social Threefolding, Arts and crafts, Biography work, Communication skills, Business and sustainability,..
Another part of the training is an international internship (1 month long) in which the already developed qualities can be used and in which the participants can gain experiences through being actively social entrepreneur in a project of their choice.
One of the most important aspects of YIP is the international group of around 40 young people, coming from all corners of the world, which lives together in community the whole year. Rooms and house are shared and cooperation exists on many different areas. Through living so closely together, one experiences and develops intensely a community life. The active participation and contribution even widens to the community of the Rudolf Steiner Seminar in Ytterjärna, of which YIP is part of.
This part of the training is called community engagement: the participants work in a local organization.
And last but not least, an important part of the training is the individual project of every participant. Enough time and space is been created to develop this individual project.

Next to the substantive aspects of the training a lot of care and attention goes to a sustainable way of living together with each other and with nature. One gains insight in the human relationships but also in the cycle of nature. The Swedish seasons are intense and the inner processes the individual is going through can find support in the natural processes.

“It is only with the heart that one can see clearly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.” This secret of the fox, as it is shared in the story ‘The Little Prince’ of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, holds way more of a secret than most of us would imagine. Of course we can all understand what is written here, and a lot of us will feel that there speaks a truth out of these words. And so it is for me. But also this sentence means much more for me than seen on the first sight. For me it includes my life question: How do we create a peaceful world?

It was in the middle of my path of the individual study this year, in February that something came to me: the living thinking; the epistemology of Johan Wolfgang Goethe and the implementation of this thinking in the social life by Rudolf Steiner. Since many years my life has been permeated by many questions, a lot of them concerning the social life. I remember since being in highschool searching for the truth, for my Self, for my purpose, the reason I was here,… and for justice, understanding of the ‘bad will’ of people,… A long time I was frustrated, I felt a burning fire of pain inside myself every time I was confronted with injustice, violence and the negation of Self-development and freedom. I simply couldn’t understand.
Neither did I understand why I felt this pain and why it came to me. Until last February, I understood the big question that accompanied me throughout my whole life: why do people harm each other? Or how can we create a peaceful world? Something essential changed on that moment. The quality of the question itself transformed: it wasn’t any longer a question that made me desperate, in the contrary it gave me hope. So much hope I never felt before in my life! I knew I could work with this question! And I saw the door to the future of a peaceful world…
Until then I had let myself being led by my intuition, which told me to do some things even without me really knowing why. One of these things was the urgent need to develop my artistic being, which I felt had been neglected the last three years of university studies. I saw the artists around me could see things I couldn’t but of which I knew they were so valuable that I understood I wanted to develop this artistic being inside myself. This was not as easy as it may seem: I had big difficulties with allowing myself to even potentially be an artist. I didn’t really find a door. Until that day in February, where I understood also the bio-dynamic farming bears the same quality! Putting things together, it became clear this view I first called artistically is actually an indication of a living thinking! And yes, the arts is one way of developing this thinking! Not only I understood this, but it also became clear that this thinking lays at the foundation of freedom, as freedom exist there where we can be in our becoming. Therefor we need a thinking which moves with and in the movement of the world. This freedom then is the only thing that can generate peace. To explain all this would lead us to far, but the essence is that this day I knew I had to go to upstate New York, to the Free Columbia Art Course!
‘The Free Columbia Art Course is a is a full time, year long course based on the fundamentals of the art of painting as they appear and come to life through anthroposophy’. It is a training in painting, but also much more. It is a quest into the heart of artistic action… “We will seek out the colors and their relationships, the living laws of composition, light and darkness and the spring of imagination where all pictures have their source. As well as painting and drawing the course will include study of the basic elements of anthroposophy, history of art as an image of evolution, philosophy of aesthetics, (past and present), social questions in relation to art and economics, as well as other themes. We will work with a wide variety of media including watercolor, oil, egg tempera, charcoal, surface collage, block printing and pastel. During the year we will also work with eurhythmy, singing and marionette theater.”
The reason I will go to Free Columbia is very simple: I know this place is the next step to my future. In order to carry out my future work in a good and sustainable way I need to develop the living thinking and the implementation of it in any form of creation. For me it is clear that in my process and life, the way how to do this lays in the arts. And especially the painting speaks to me here (and clowning, but this is maybe for later, or hopefully this can find a start in the marionette theatre).

I am ready to allow myself to be an artist and I am excited to explore this sphere and learn painting; to develop the creative activity of painting, and through the painting develop my artistic being and sight; to understand myself and the world through this artistic being and to become a true creative being in this world. I have a lot of dreams and images, now I also found the door to creating new social realities! This door is the art of painting…



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