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Cofan Survival Fund (CSF) was founded in 1999 as a vehicle to reclaim and protect Cofan territory, primarily driven by the need to respond to oil exploitation in the region and the colonists who followed in the oil companies’ wake. Born from this very concrete “fight for our rights or disappear” mindset, CSF focuses on finding practical, on-the-ground solutions that contribute to the survival of the Cofan Nation and our ancestral territory, and managing its natural resources in northeastern Ecuador for the long term.

We are committed to biodiversity conservation and research, protecting our ancestral territory and its natural resources, developing ecological income alternatives, and educating our youngest generation.Our strategy combines government alliances, extensive fieldwork, on-the ground management, and community-based conservation projects to mobilize resources and expertise in support of Cofan territorial management and alternative income-generating activities. Over the years we have developed innovative solutions to the threats to our communities, including oil exploitation, mining, new road construction and the advancing agricultural frontier.