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Cause Inc Foundation's Fundraiser:

CoffeePledge Against Cancer

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Make the commitment to help and join the CoffeePledge Against Cancer™ movement to end cancer.

Our concept is simple… pledge to drink at least one coffee, tea or water to support the fight against cancer, during CoffeeWeek™, at any of our participating coffee industry partners, and we will handle the rest.

A $2.50 cup of coffee can translate to years of cancer research, and immediate cancer support for millions of men, women and children, if enough of us take the pledge.

100% of every penny of public donations goes directly to fighting cancer.

Would you buy a cup of coffee to save a life?

Donate $10 or more – you will receive a limited edition reusable coffee cup and tickets to CoffeeWeek 2011, scheduled for September 5th -11th, 2011, at Tempe Marketplace.

You will also receive a complimentary cup of coffee from either The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf or Paradise Bakery.  

Why Coffee?

More than 400 million cups of coffee are consumed every day in the US, which means about 2.8 billion weekly. Clearly, many of us motivate ourselves each day with our beloved “wake-up juice.” So what better way to fight such a horrible disease, then with the power of something we all love and drink every day? At an average price of $2.5, those 2.8 billion cups equal $7 billion dollars in buying power for just one week.

The US only spends about $4.5 billion per year in the fight against cancer. Think about it…in just one week, we drink up more than what the US spends for an entire year toward the fight against cancer. Now imagine if just a portion of those coffee dollars went to fighting cancer. CoffeeWeek™ creates that opportunity.

Why Pledge?

Just because we have an idea, doesn’t make it come true. That’s where you come in. One voice can start a movement, but millions can change the world. If each and every one of us pledges to drink at least one cup during CoffeeWeek™ to support the fight against cancer, we can send a message to the right people. The more pledges we get, the more buying power we create, which also increases the influence we will have to make CoffeeWeek™ a success.

About Us

In the winter of 2010, two Internet professionals whose lives were severely affected by cancer collaborated on a simple concept that could leverage their passion for social innovation, along with the resources of internet and coffee industries to fight the biggest disease in the world.

Co-founders include Aspen Decker, whose mother has been fighting cancer for 15 years, and Marcos Arce. With nothing but coffee and ambition for fuel, the two began their mission to create the world’s first online CoffeeBuzz™ initiative using social media to rally cause supporters for making cancer history together.

Within the first 90 days of launching coffeepledge.org, more than 40,000 users, and 300,000 cups have been pledged to support the cause, making it the world’s largest social network of coffee-lovers and cancer-haters.

About CoffeeWeek™

Currently scheduled for its debut in Phoenix, Arizona, September, 5th-11th, 2011, anyone will be able to buy a cup of coffee or donate the value of the cup to the cause at any CoffeeWeek™ partner location and help save lives.

For more information on CoffeePledge Against Cancer™ initiative, please visit coffeepledge.org or call 323-642-7221.



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