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Colorado or Bust - Teresa's Move North




When I told a friend of my need for miracles to move home to Colorado, she said, "If your friends and family want you to come home, why not ask if they can help?" Okay, here goes. I've been in Santa Fe, NM, for five years and sorely miss my family and friends in Colorado. I know they miss me, too. And I'm not really making it here in a sustainable way, especially financially. The emotional strain of the events with Steve have taken their toll, too. I need to recover and recoup. My lease here is fulfilled in November and I hope to move that month. I need several miracles to occur in order for that to happen, most of them financial. It's expensive to move! I need to rent a 26' truck, load it up, drive it, and unload it. That's about $2,000. Then, I need to put down a deposit on a rental and pay first month's rent, plus a pet deposit. That's another $2,700 if I get a small place for $1,100 a month. I don't have the money to do any of this. I am working 5 part-time jobs right now and after paying rent and bills, I end up with about $40 in my pocket. That's why I say my life here is not sustainable. When I arrive in Colorado, I need two things - a good paying job ($2,500/month or more) and a house to live in. If you can help me on the first leg of my new chapter - getting me, my dogs, and my stuff physically into Colorado, I'd sure appreciate it! I also appreciate your prayers for the move to go smoothly, for a good house to appear, and for a job where I can make a difference. Pray for the healing of my heart, too. Thank you! I love you.



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