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Colorado springs tesla project

Organized by: Patrick Godfrey

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I would like people to read the wishuwell fundraising project i have started to begin with the personal story i have put out there will help explain this one I have always despised the utility company i have been. In the same house for 18 years the first 10 years i did an analagy of utility costs. Being water gas wastewater and electric. I spent 52000$$$ alarming right well that is only one house of many that are energy hogs not to mention commercial buildings I could have put a child through college to learn how to change that cost i could have bought 2 harleys and fueled them in those 10 years. At the time before i became disabled i was in the sprayfoam insulation business. I did building envelope improvements and reduced my cost 30 percent in heating and cooling. But spent 5000$$$ to do so. I have looked at solar and groundsource heat etc etc and they are the same thing. I got to pay and arm and leg to save one Then recently I have came across Tesla the genius that is behind much of our innovative technology. From electricity to cell phones radio etc. And learned of the tesla project he had started here in colorado springs his intent to provide wireless energy for free to all wow how powerful would that be Tesla sought financing and was well underway in making it happen when the greedy bastards realized what he was doing. They realized that they couldnt meter it. To generate reocurring revenue for themselves they ceased funding halted the projects and sold off all the pieces for scrap And that took place turn of the century in the 1900s Well it is now 2016 my power is still controled by those in power !!! I would think after the near 100000$$$$ i have paid to colorado springs utilities they could have spent a dime to give me some comfort maybe help me lower the cost I dont know about every where else but. Colorado springs utilities has a monopoly on my utilities water gas wastewater and electric i dont even have a lower grade alternative. Now i have become disabled I have no income hopefully i can live 18 more years but there is no way i can pay the exorbitant ever rising cost of utilities As stated in the wishuwell fund my power was recently cut off i couldnt afford to turn it on and a week later they cut my gas off and my Water leaving me No way to get a drink to use the restroom to water plants to WATER animals it was a death sentence Fortunately my children were able to loan me money to turn it back on but another month has past and i still have no money i expect to see them again soon to play the greedy bastard role and try and kill me again you would think after near 100000$$$ Colorado springs utilities could offer me a glass of water Just like how they killed the Tesla dream well i am inspired to use the advancements over the last hundred years being all the information on the internet to recreate his dream in the town it was crushed and give the power to the people If you can help please do and i am not asking for a hand out but it is time to unite and restore humanity give the Power to the people


Organized by

Patrick Godfrey

This is a direct to organizer fundraiser.

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