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Share our vision for a community where everyone looks out for the animals

http://www.cvasanctuary.org/ Tax ID 13-4247653


The Colville Valley Animal Sanctuary (CVAS) is the only animal shelter for cats and dogs in Stevens County in northeast Washington State. Founded in 2002 as Colville Pet Refuge, our mission is to improve the quality of life for both pets and people by providing humane society services. This includes shelter and rescue for pets in need, facilitating spay/neuter, and providing pet adoption services and affordable routine pet care such as vaccinations and microchipping.

Because there are no county or municipal shelters serving both cats and dogs in the widely dispersed small towns and rural homes in Stevens County, CVAS is called upon to provide a broad range of animal welfare services over a geographic area encompassing thousands of square miles. In 2017, CVAS has already provided more than 900 cats and dogs with shelter, medical care, and adoption services. We hope we can help 900 more in 2018, and also finish the interior of our unfinished dog building.