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Organized by: Sulekha Yussuf

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Introducing ComeAid: The first ever peer-to-peer mobile community support application!!!

ComeAid is a social mobile network that allows users to outsource small tasks to their friends, family members and neighbors as well as fellow colleagues. With this awesome application, you can hire a friend to teach you a new skill, pick you at the airport, fix your computer or even find a workout partner for the gym. Better still, ComeAid helps you to conveniently find someone to offer you advice or just show you around town.

The beauty of this ComeAid application is that you can use it to generate extra income if you have a good service to offer to someone needy and you can also use it to save money by transacting with your peers very affordable rates. That’s not all, you can also use it to help someone in need for free as well as nominate a friend to help someone else. There are simply limitless applications for this amazing product. 

At ComeAid we strongly believe that a community that cares and helps its members provides the perfect avenue for growth and wholesome progression.

The ComeAid Mobile Application Development Team

Led by Co-Founder & CEO, Sulekha Ayaan Yussuf, we are a team greatly motivated by arising challenges within the American community and the world in general. It is from this motivation that we developed the first ever peer-to-peer mobile community support application to effectively and efficiently eradicate problems associated with acquisition of assistance from other members of the community.

This campaign comprehensively elaborates the work we have done in a bid to curb these problems.

About the Founder, ComeAid Mobile Application

My career in software development has been a fulfillment of my childhood dream which was to aid in solving problems facing the world through technology. Below is a list of my achievements;

  1. I founded and set up the first co-working space for young Somali students in Somaliland.
  2. I developed a mobile application that would help youth in Riverside County to find jobs on the go. The application won the CIO Pick Award at RivCodes in 2014 and was declared as an application with massive potential to have the biggest impact on the county’s constituents.
  3. I also design an application to help Pen Pal students gain Friends With Purpose at HackforCause and won the Mashery Network Prize.

Our Goal

To improve the way local people collaborate to make a better local environment for our users in the USA and the world in general. 

Our Driving Force:

Time and again we had problems of trying to directly outsource assistance from people around us. This only left us with the option of going through middlemen which with time proved to be costly. Seeing that these challenges also affect the wider community, we brainstormed amongst ourselves and conceived ComeAid Mobile Application. This innovative product provides a platform that enables you to connect your task with someone nearby, a friend, a college mate, a work mate, a neighbor and most importantly, someone you can trust. Does it get any better than this? To achieve a progressive, dynamic and vibrant community, this is the way to go!

In addition to this, we also found out that many people are willing to help with any small task once they know someone needy is near them. This makes this product all the more essential in order to achieve community empowerment. ComeAid empowers friends, family and neighbors in their local environment to collaborate and support each other. So why not let everyone know and use it!

Curious to know how ComeAid works? Keep scrolling;

Step 1:  Find who's nearby

You can enter your location to find the nearest person for support.

Step 2:  Post help needed

Type a simple post to request for a study partner, someone to fix your laptop or simply someone to give you a ride to the doctor

Step 3:  Invite people- friends, family or colleagues- to help 

People are willing to help once they know what you need. So let them know!

Step 4:  Get a Helper

Get someone to help you out, either a friend, family member or colleagues nearby.

Step 5:  Update your community

Share how things are going, update another request and give support back.

Simple and clear, right!

How you can help ComeAid grow!

We have already built the prototype of this project and are currently developing an IOS app. To make this happen we need your support and help so as to officially launch our first beta version in July, 2015. We will use the funds to:

Finance inclusion of our new features, to the application, to better our business model. We want people to have a better product and experience that will make a difference in their day to day lives.
Kick start the business and bring ComeAid Mobile Application to the masses.


  1. We completed a product prototype and now working on developing and running a beta.
  2. Over 100 signups within just four days since launching our website are our stats. We are expecting the number to grow bigger and bigger with each passing day.
  3. We will be launching our first beta version in July, 2015. A day to die for! Keep signing up @

Why ComeAid?

ComeAid is simply the best and easiest way to get support from people around you.

This is an online -offline social mobile application that helps people in getting support from people around them. Our technology is the best product in the market that creates a caring community by providing a helping hand in times of need. Our users can find someone around to support them, save money and build a seamless community. With the location base technology, you can post requests for support and ask your family, friends and neighbors to help you out. When someone sees your request and wants to help you out, ComeAid will send you a notification and you will get a direct response. Once you have received the intended support, you can then update your requests, share how things are going and give support back.

Whether acting on an individual basis or on behalf of a small business/corporate, this application is specially designed to meet your requirements.

ComeAid app will be available in the App store soon.

Our Target:

ComeAid focuses on students who live in and around their campuses and colleges, employees in corporate campuses, neighbors in apartment complexes and anyone else that needs support from someone nearby. With our vast target market finely distributed around the country and the world in general, greatly enhanced community bonds coupled with financial prosperity will be the result. This business venture presents an opportunity capable of generating more than US $10 billion. We have a highly productive and unique business model specially designed to offer products in areas that many current mobile sharing services shy away from. We are creating and facilitating peer to peer support groups in a bid to build a cohesive and progressive world.

The Value of ComeAid to the International Community

Our social impact or social value will be creation of a caring community with the ultimate goal of unifying the world. This will result in vast growth in the local community's micro economy and consequently an upturn in world economy values. 

Our customers will not only save money, but they will also make extra money from their friends who either hire them for a small task or recommend them to another friend. To add to this, communication between the app users and their friends, family and neighbors will be highly efficient.

Our business Model

  1. Freemium service in which the application is free, but with premium features such as background check, contents, and phone numbers.
  2. A peer to peer payment feature to be effective six months after the July, 2015 launch. This new feature will allow users to send money and receive money from their friends.

How your money will be used:

  1. $10,000 Scalling up marketing efforts worldide with customerized templates to universities, apartment complexies, corporate campusses, and more
  2. $10,000 Core features for Android developemnt. We don't want to miss the opportunity to scale from Android users.
  3. $10,000 Additional features: backgroundcheck, more contents, and more. This would be available for premium version to help us boost our revenue.

Awesome rewards are provided upon pledging a specific amount of money and they include:

$20 - You get a nice shout out on our Facebook page for supporting us. 

$40 - You get a nice shout out on our Facebook page and Twitter for supporting us.

$60 - You get a chance to own one of Sulekha Ayaan Yussuf’s favorite books. They are one of a kind!

$100 - You get a chance to have coffee or tea with the innovative Sulekha Ayaan Yussuf and hopefully you will get to know her better.

$200 - You get a chance to own a djembe drum and a nice thank you note written in English and Kiswahili. That is certainly an item you wouldn’t want to miss!

$500- You get a chance to own a handmade African handbag, a homemade meal (East African delicacy) prepared and cooked by the multitalented Sulekha Ayaan Yussuf if you are around the inland Empire in California.

$1,000 - You get a chance to enjoy a homemade meal (East African delicacy) prepared and cooked by the multitalented Sulekha Ayaan Yussuf. You also get a chance to hang out with her to learn more about ComeAid Mobile Application Company.

Lastly, we are giving away one board seat to a person who donates $1,000 or more and he/she must have skills required. Awesome right! This is your chance to be part of something, start bidding and let’s shape our communities.

Visit our website and stay tune for our App this July, 2015.


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Organized by

Sulekha Yussuf

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