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Comfort Food Charities

Cheese Wiches Charity Food Truck is the very first charity food truck in Seattle and début project of Comfort Food Charities. We've teamed up with our big brother, Cheese Wizards, to provide magical experiences and award winning grilled cheese sandwiches to children who suffer from serious illnesses, veterans, elders, people who are struggling with AIDS, cancer, and dementia related diseases, and the families supporting these warriors. With your help, we hope to launch in July of 2015!

www.putusinyourmouth.com Tax ID 47-2967367


Comfort Food Charities is dedicated to bringing hot and delicious food to deserving people in the Seattle community. We are passionate about delivering magical experiences using Comfort Food Charities’ own 'Cheese Wiches' charity food truck. We developed and adopted an innovative charity food truck model because, in addition to using conventional fundraising approaches, we can raise funds for our mission by direct public engagement through sales to the community at large. We can then efficiently utilize the revenue from those sales to provide the very same delectable products to those who need them. The 'Cheese Wiches' provide a passionate vehicle for inspiring joy, reinforcing strength and resolve, and easing the burdens of people in need – and their families – with warm smiles and comfort food.