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Communities In Schools Of Augusta Richmond County Inc

For too many children in America living in poverty, challenges outside the classroom can stand in the way of success inside the classroom. At Communities In Schools, we work in schools full-time to remove those barriers by building one-one-one relationships that empower students to stay in school and succeed in life. Because we’re in schools all day every day, we see the unique needs of each student and partner with teachers and the community to address them. Whether it’s clean clothes, help with school work, or emotional support to help a child cope with or recover from a traumatic event, we connect students with the relationships and resources they need to succeed. Tax ID 58-2246930


Tyrone Smithers -- Grade 4

For too many children, challenges outside the classroom-like hunger, poor health, or trauma at home or in their community-can stand in the way of success inside the classroom. Others are so behind their peers they struggle to complete classwork and can be very disruptive in class. 

Tyrone was one such student we worked with last year.  He was in 4th grade and struggling to read.  He often "forgot" to turn in his assignments and had grown very disruptive in the classroom.  Upon his referral to Communities In Schools -- he continued to challenge authority and was dismissive of any help until one amazing day. Our coach gave him a hug,  welcomed him to class, and asked him why he had not been at school for a couple of days. He had moved again, but would be remaining at the school.  He had not expected anyone to notice he had been gone and was both touched and amazed he was missed! That was a moment for us too -- a reminder of just how important a smile, a hug, a comment can be, especially to a child like Tyrone.  EVERY child needs to know that there are caring adults they can depend upon and talk to.

By the time, Tyrone was referred to Communities In Schools, he had already attended seven schools in five years, had lost a parent to a violent crime, and felt very isolated and alone. He did not have any siblings.   He was behind in school, could not read as well as his classmates, and was acting out.  He made huge strides during the course of the year and was estatic when he was promoted to 5th grade!  Help us reach more Tyrones!