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Steuben County Humane Society Inc

Cats can't add but they sure can multiply! Tax ID 23-7208051


The Mission of the Community Humane Shelter of Steuben County is to find forever homes for animals in our care, promote the humane treatment of animals, including spaying and neutering, and to assist in cruelty and neglect complaints in Steuben County.

The purpose of this fundraiser is to help support our spaying & neutering services. We currently have 85 cats at our shelter and with kitten season just around the corner we will supersede our maximum capacity at an alarming rate.  The main issue with our cats is when they are here too long; they get stressed and sick, then they start to shut down. We’ve included a video clip showing how 1 cat can multiply into many along with a tour of our nearly full facility. We do everything we can for our animals, including daily medications and a comfortable, clean habitat, but sometimes it is just not enough. It is very sad to watch them go through this.

We offer low cost services for spaying and neutering to snip it in the bud before the breeding & overpopulation begins. We work with wonderful vets and even have a monthly transport for mass spaying and neutering that we offer to the residents within Steuben County. We even like to offer our rural farmers and citizens our TNR (Trap-Neuter-Release) program to help stop the breeding of stray cats.

So please share this profile far & wide to friends, family, and other animal lovers alike to help contribute in any way possible. We greatly appreciate any amount of a donation you can make to help us tackle the overpopulation of cats and get them into their forever homes. -meow-