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CROWDRISE : May 17, 2013
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BASED: Boynton Beach, FL, United States



Hope and Opportunity!

The Mission of the Community Caring Center is ..... to address the root causes of poverty by an innovative integration of social services programs, economic development (through small business incubation), nutrition education, and access to a healthy, affordable, and sustainable food center.

CCC operates a Social Service and Economic Development Department:

  Social Services:

*        Food Pantry

*        Affordable Food Distribution Program

*        Financial Assistance, Food Stamp, Prescription Drug,  Medicaid,  SSI Applications

*        Faith in Action, volunteer frail and elderly care giving

Economic Development Programs:

*        Nutrition Education for adults and children

*        A “Working” Culinary Incubator –   d/b/a Secret Garden Cafe

*        Urban Farming Project

*        Market/Deli/Bakery/Cafe

*        Senior Veggie Mobile & Delivered Meals

NUTRITION EDUCATION- “5 A Day,”a child nutrition educational program, targets underprivileged, kindergarten children in the poverty pocket of Boynton Beach known as “The Heart of Boynton.” It is a small attempt to change the course of the health of this next generation. The program provides nutrition-education, nutrition-related disease prevention information, classroom materials and teacher aides, hands on activities and field trips, one-on-one with a nutritionist, as well as, hunger relief, and advocacy.  The “Easy Garden Gourmet Cooking and Nutrition Education Classes,” are 6-week cooking classes designed to help reduce salt, sugar, and fat in-take, using fresh herbs and seasonally grown fruits and vegetables. Health and Wellness Education partnerships include Chronic Disease Maintenance and Wellnessclasses with the Caridad Center, and Nutrition Cooking Demonstrations with ACHIEVE,a program administered with the Palm Beach County Health Department. 

SENIOR VEGGIE MOBILE and Home Delivered Meals- Each week the Center’s food pantry truck takes fresh and locally grown produce to our frail and elderly shut-ins in the “Heart of Boynton” area. It includes the bounty from the urban farm along with produce from gleaning programs and unsold green market produce purchased from local farmers. The program offers anopportunity for case managers to provide a friendly visit, check for signs of malnutrition and dehydration, provide additional assistance if needed, and offer healthy nutritious food options. FREE Soups are included. Senior Meals are delivered each Wednesday; a donation of $30 will sponsor a needy frail, elderly and shut-in senior for 8-wks.

URBAN FARMING PROJECT- Partnered with the University of Florida in 2009 through the PBC Extension Office, the urban farm provides fresh produce for the Veggie Mobile program, the chefs at the café, use in the nutrition & food preservation education programs, and provides produce to CCC’s food pantry. The CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) produce sales provide additional income for the centers nutrition education and senior programs.

 A CULINARY INCUBATOR, The Secret Garden Café- A unique 3,500 sq ft, 102-seat Restaurant/ Market/ Deli/ Bakery/Catering facility that offers shared usage of a commercial kitchen and retail market space to “would-be”entrepreneurs and/or existing businesses. A culinary incubator program, it provides a shared space to small businesses to practice their trade, and technical assistance in a nurturing atmosphere that assist small business entrepreneurs, called incubator clients, to develop their business concept. Once clients become independent businesses they can become part of the Market Co-operative, a model that offers shared usage helping to reduce administrative overhead expenses in the early stages of business development.

 CCC encourages your participation and sponsorships in its annual fundraising events: Annual “HungerWalk”is held each spring to raise awareness regarding hunger and the “Harvest Moon Ball’s”held in the fall to recognize our sponsors, partners, and volunteers.

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