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EVENT DATE: Jan 15, 2012





Building Bridges

Where Once There Were Walls

Phase 1 - Assessment of Need

    The Cumberland Valley Arc introduced Phase 1 of a mentoring and volunteer program, by using natural supports for inclusion of individuals with disabilities already established within the community. Phase 1 has determined need and has established connections between educators and community business partners that will help to enhance inclusion of individuals with disabilities within the community.  This is called Project 22 (P22). P22 assists business leaders within communities to team up to provide those natural supports. Although there are state and private programs that help individuals with disabilities gain experience and education for employment, each individual must qualify. Many people do not realize that in order to qualify for some of these programs they have to be on the list for many years. The need is great especially when nationally 85% of people with developmental and intellectual disabilities are unemployed.

      P22 focuses on the abilities and interests of individuals with disabilities and promotes opportunities for specific job training education and development with local businesses. This support includes team building in order for team members to work as mentors that provide needed resource opportunities for continued growth of individuals with disabilities. The Cumberland Valley Arc, Inc. helps individuals seek meaningful positions in which they can learn the skills necessary to become productive citizens and employees that will enhance the community as a whole. Private employer's that are willing to make a difference in the lives of individuals will ensure our community members with disabilities do not remain outside of mainstream community interactions at home, and will help provide inclusive opportunities. P22 seeks community partners; volunteers that want to pursue ideas for job skill education development, and workforce placement opportunities.

    Phase 2- Application of Plan

            With the adoption of this plan the Cumberland Valley Arc, Inc. recognizes that supports and services include job support, respite care, planned relief for caregivers, of children and adults with disabilities, social activities, and vocational training. A licensed adult day program that would serve up to 35 adults with disabilities.  Initially starting out that number would be smaller 12-15 adults.  * Hours: Year round services- Monday through Friday-8:00-4:00 for staff-8:30-3:30 for the individuals with disabilities. We ar seeking funding for this Phase of the project. Ideally the services would be offered free to the individuals supported or provided at a small cost (ex: $100 per week)-The majority of the individuals would attend the center full-time, however Part-time slots could be considered as determined by need. Ideally the day program would have a director and 2-3 support staff. CVArc would access the community for volunteer workers.    



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