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Community Composting Initiative

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Here are some reasons about why I am so passionate about composting in Haiti.


Growing up in a third world country, there are many challenges. I was blessed with the opportunity to study in America for a couple of years.   I was in Oregon for two years, one of the greenest states in the US. they have wonderful recycling programs and composting initiatives in place. 


Haiti lacks the infrastructure that many first world countries take for granted. Haiti has a massive problem with trash. It is everywhere and on hot days -- which there are many the smell can be dense in the air.  However, Haiti also has gorgeous beaches, beautiful waterfalls, lovely mountains, it is a wonderful place to visit, but the abundant rubbish issue can deter travelers from visiting my country.  


Haiti is also known for its abundance of organically grown fresh fruits and vegetables.  The reason I want to launch my composting initiative is to leverage the abundance of food waste with a waste reduction plan.  It needs to start with education. People of Haiti do not know what composting is or how to do it. I knew when I went to the states to study in the environmental program. I wanted to do something to help Haiti reduce its waste.  I am now back in Haiti and want to spread the word about composting and its benefits.  


I will help educate people about composting. Waste reduction is one of the benefits; however the end result of composting is creating mineral rich soil.  This soil can be used for families to grow nutrient rich food. It will also reduce the waste that lines the streets in Haiti. 


Currently to help reduce the trash on the streets, the waste will be burned. The burning of waste, while efficient, greatly contributes to air pollution.  It also is bad for people's health; the smoke can cause lung cancer, asthma, burning eyes, ozone reduction. Because of the worldwide issues with air pollution and the ozone layer reduction, I feel that my composting project, while only in my small country, will contribute to lessening of pollution worldwide. If my project is successful in Haiti, I plan to expand to other third world countries.  It may seem like a small start but there is much potential for expansion.  As the project grows and more people are composting, the overall air pollution and waste issues will decrease. 


Another added benefit I feel is that the people who participate get a direct result for their own use. Sometimes people can have the attitude of "what's in it for me?"  If they are composting they are helping the world in small ways. They will benefit right away with the nutrient rich composted material that they can put into their own family garden.  


I have also started networking with hotels and restaurants in the area. This project is not just for domestic use, it can also be used in the commercial sector.  Restaurants and hotels create a lot of waste. I can take their compostable waste, process it and then bring back the end result for their use.   

Education is the key to beginning this program.  Knowledge will give the people the tools to begin composting in their own homes.  With that I can expand to the local businesses, with the goal of moving to other third world countries and impacting the waste reduction and pollution issues that are so great in third world nations.








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