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CROWDRISE : Oct 26, 2012
Tax ID: 80-0217241
BASED: Hialeah Gdns, FL, United States



Our Mission

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Our Hands-On Learning service program’s goal is to help high school students gain real world skills through Hands-on experience. The Hands-on Program appoints tasks and duties to high school student, college under graduates, and students at risk of dropping out high school or collegeto further develop skills in the areas of their interest and academic requirements. In fact, some can learn by listening, others may learn by reading but when it comes to learning how to perform a certain task in the real world it is imperative that students have the opportunity to train, to gain experience and strengthen their skills in their field of interest, as well as to understand the importance in making a difference in their local communities. We are partnering up with the Mathematics/ engineering, Writing/ Arts, General Science, Media/ Arts and Technology academic departments of Middle-High School; for the purpose of continuing the growth and development of Our Hands-on Service Learning Program. The current financial struggles of the United States economy has led to massive cuts for our education system, which has led to massive reductions in in-school/educational programs and after curriculum activities for students. It is imperative that we provide and integrate our Hand-on Service Learning Program to the schools systems, to provide supplemental education and experience learning for students, which we believe will enhance their educational experience and improve the opportunity of development success.   


Due to the current economic crisis, schools have been affected by massive budget cuts, which have caused extra curriculum departments to either shut down or downsized. Our organization’ Hands-On Service Learning program will allow teachers to fulfill their extra curriculum activities and will give students the opportunity to learn and develop skills through Hands-On Service Learning and through our partnerships with Miami-Dade and Broward County schools systems. Florida's K-12 public work force was modestly downsized again last year, but it was support workers - again - who felt the most pain and saw the most pink slips, according to the state's latest annual staff survey. Total work force numbers are down 5.4 percent, from 336,329 to 318,209. We believe that’s it’s important for high school students to have the opportunity to further their education while making a difference in the lives of underprivileged members of our community. It’s important that students have the opportunity to find an interest in a particular skill set and scholastic subject, for them to have a better idea of which career path suites them best, depending on their skills and interest. We believe that our Hands-On Service Learning Program will fulfill a need in our school system and will enhance the learning experience of high school students and improve their opportunity of success in school, college/university, and their career path and in life.

Tax ID: 80-0217241 •


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