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CROWDRISE : Mar 25, 2013
Tax ID: 20-8421010
BASED: Fitchburg, WI, United States


Our Mission

Community in Action empowers the impoverished of Rio de Janeiro through job training and education. Our technical and cultural coursework, personal development activities, primary and secondary school tutoring, educational seminars and partnerships with private and public entities seek to connect residents with academic and employment growth opportunities. We deliver the necessary skills and knowledge to our students and community partners that allow them to compete in the job market, expand their economic horizons, and make wiser and healthier decisions for themselves and their families.

Community in Action (Comunidade em Ação) is a non-profit non-governmental organization (NGO) located in one of Rio de Janeiro’s largest favela (shanty town) communities. The organization was established in 2004, founded on three over-arching principles: (1) community change begins from the ground-up: individuals helping individuals, neighbors helping neighbors, the community helping the community; (2) unique perspectives and skill-sets from outside the favela help facilitate community development; (3) a well-organized administrative structure that includes short- and long-term strategies is the key to sustainable community development.


Local Human Resources

Since 2004, community members have staffed the majority of human resource and administrative positions at the NGO.  These community leaders have been the local volunteers, teachers, and administrative teams.  Today, we work with community stakeholders and activists in favelas across Rio.  We implemented a new approach, a new vision – one that fosters the possibility of long-term educational growth and community change by putting problem solving directly in the hands of local residents.


Foreign Volunteer Support

Favela residents represent the true change agents who can ensure long-term community transformation. To support this development, foreign volunteers are able to deliver unique perspectives and educational tools based on background expertise. It is a two-way street when volunteers from abroad work in the favela: local residents learn best practices and foreign social entrepreneurs gain valuable community development experience. Both avenues serve as building blocks to help others pursue their educational development goals. Since 2004, Community in Action has hosted hundreds of foreign volunteers, who have traveled to Rio and delivered diverse outreach initiatives, such as cultural and educational programs, vocational training, sporting and leisure events, manual labor support and much more. 


Strategic Planning and Administration

A comprehensive administrative structure leads to long-term sustainability with grassroots development programs. One year before opening, the Community in Action team developed strategic business plans for all areas of the NGO: educational classes, marketing, finance, human resources, and other administrative processes. Since 2004, Community in Action’s Executive and Program Directors have continued to follow this mindset, continuously building upon and enhancing the organization’s administrative framework. Combining local human resources with a well-organized administrative structure has allowed Community in Action to serve thousands of underserved favela residents during the past 12 years.


ASSOCIAÇÃO COMUNIDADE EM AÇÃO (COMMUNITY IN ACTION)  is an established Civil Society Organization of Public Interest (OSCIP), the highest non-profit title given by the Brazilian Ministry of Justice whose purpose is to facilitate the emergence of partnerships and agreements with all levels of government and public agencies (federal, state, and municipal).  The institution is based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (CNPJ No. 07121.369/0001-00) and is also recognized as a non-profit community based social service agency under section 501 (c)(3) of the United States Internal Revenue Code: EIN # 208421010.

Tax ID: 20-8421010 •


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