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Building New York Heartwoods

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We believe in livelihoods beneficial to the land, to our communities, and to our economy. We believe there are few reasons to cut down a healthy tree when so many are dying or falling on their own. We believe in honoring the life and beauty of each tree by creating a range of products - from branch-made buttons to noble trunk slabs - using as much of the wood as possible, and following the precept "there is no such thing as waste."

For the last two years we have been managing local forests, harvesting dead and dying trees, and working with our community to upcycle municipal trees that would otherwise be firewood or landfill. With the introduction of the Emerald Ash Borer and increasingly bizarre storms, this is o LOT of trees!  We process the usable logs on a portable sawmill, air-dry the boards and slabs for months to years, and then dry them in our homemade passive solar kiln.

Some of this wood goes back into our community in the form of such things as cedar posts for Sustainable Warwick's Fruit Tree Orchard project, or benches for the local Boy Scout Troop.

The remaining wood is processed into artisanal lumber, live-edge slabs, and value-added furniture products, planters, and cutting boards, for example. Our goal is to find the highest and best use for the entire tree in the lowest impacting ways possible.

Our business timing is more than ideal; the demand for local, sustainable products is steadily growing, as are the stresses on our forests (the Emerald Ash Borer being a primary one in our area) resulting in an abundance of dying and fallen trees. Now, we're ready to scale up our ability to take in this vast supply of untapped resources!

You now can make a difference by supporting our ambititous goal. We're launching this campaign to raise $22,000. With your collective contributions we will grow our operations to include a double-ended chainsaw and an Alaskan sawmill to process logs too big for our Woodmizer, and a resaw to process logs that are too small. Both are invaluable in our effort to keep municipal trees out of our landfills, and to expand our range of amazing lumber and the things we can make from it!

Your contributions will be used to acquire a metal detector to safely process urban trees having often grown around nails, wire fencing and clothes lines. We'll also retrofit two large insulated shipping containers; one into an adequate dehumidification kiln and the other into a dried-wood storage room. And, we'll get true palate forks for our tractor, replacing the wooden ones we've made due with up until now. These just won’t cut it when we start milling our biggest logs!

We're asking you to chip in to help us with our integrous efforts, and to spread the word to your friends, family, and anyone who uses wood - i.e everyone! It's inseparable from our daily lives. We believe deeply in our work, and have so much appreciation for everyone already invested in New York Heartwoods, and to all the wonderful folks who are helping us reach the next level. Together we will move mountains, or at least giant logs.



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